Resources for Non-violent Resistance Programme

The downloadable content on this page is to be used with the Non-violent Resistance Programme.

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Downloadable Resources:

Administrative Docs

A1: Guidelines (DOC)
A2: Information for referrers (DOC)
A3: Info parents (DOC)
A4: Referral form (DOC)
A5: Invite newparents (DOC)
A6: Interviewquestions (DOC)
A7: Invite newparents programme (DOC)
A8: Invite graduate parents (DOC)
A9: Guidelines telsupporters (DOC)
A10: First telephone contact (DOC)
A11: Telephone Q1 (DOC)
A12: Telephone Q2 (DOC)
A13: Register word (DOC)
A14: Register excel (EXCEL)
A15: Post session log (DOC)
A16: Consent form (DOC)
A17: Feed back for parents (DOC)
A18: Feedback referrers (DOC)
A19: Feedback facilitators (DOC)


M1: (SUDS) questionnaire (DOC)
M2: NVR map 1 (DOC)
M3: Parent testimonials (DOC)
M4: Messages from graduate parents (DOC)
M5: List of reconciliation gestures (DOC)
M6: NVR map 2 (DOC)
M7: NVR pillars of strength (DOC)
M8: Three baskets (DOC)
M9: Charts to record behaviour (DOC)
M10: Role play scripts (DOC)
M11: Conditions for losing parental presence (DOC)
M12: NVR quiz (DOC)
M13: Relaxation exercise (DOC)
M14: Guided imagery exercise (DOC)
M15: Non-violent Resistance certificate (NVR) (DOC)
M16: Essay by Haim Omer (DOC)
M17: Essay by Peter Jakob (DOC)


Non-violent Resistance Booklet (PDF)
Non-violent Resistance Programme (PDF)

Vimeo Videos

Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 1
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 2
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 3
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 4
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 5
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 6
Non-Violent Resistance Programme: Role Play 7


H1: Confidentiality statement (DOC)
H2: Sharing difficulties at home (DOC)
H3: Who to contact (DOC)
H4: Dates times venue (DOC)
H5: Outline of programme (DOC)
H6: Statement of purpose (DOC)
H7: Statement of intent (DOC)
H8: Statement of intent parent (DOC)
H9: Homework (DOC)
H10: Parental presence (DOC)
H11: Questions session 1 (DOC)
H12:Parental presence floor (DOC)
H13: Questions parental presence (DOC)
H14: Extend parental presence (DOC)
H15: Homework sesssion 2 (DOC)
H16: Baskets (DOC)
H17: Map-supporters (DOC)
H18: Homework session 3 (DOC)
H19: Parents’ map of supporters (DOC)
H20: Support around small basket behviour (DOC)
H21: Support needs linked to map of supporters (DOC)
H22: Homework session 4 (DOC)
H23: Letter to supporter (DOC)
H24: Example announcement (DOC)
H25: Example self announcement (DOC)
H26: Homework session 5 (DOC)
H27: Exploring your parental values (DOC)
H28: Reconciliation gestures (DOC)
H29: Homework session 6 (DOC)
H30: Demonstrating resistance (DOC)
H31: Letter to message- campaign supporters (DOC)
H32: Letter to message – campaign supporters (isolation) (DOC)
H33: Homework session 7 (DOC)
H34: Questions about the 
role play (DOC)
H35: Homework session 8 (DOC)
H36: Asking about the sit-in (DOC)
H37: Parental presence outside the home: map (DOC)
H38: Parental presence outside the home: questions (DOC)
H39: Homework session 9 1 (DOC)
H40: Homework session 9: 2 (DOC)
H41: Looking after yourself (DOC)
H42: Messages to take away (DOC)
H43: Review (DOC)
H44: Comparison of (SUDS) questionnaire (DOC)
H45: Future planning (DOC)
H46: Ending exercise (DOC)