About Us

Our mission: inspiring individuals to change lives

Pavilion is the leading provider of professional development products and services for public, private and voluntary workers in the health, social care, education, and community safety sectors. Our portfolio includes journals, books, training materials, interactive websites, exhibitions and conferences.

We believe that everyone has the right to fulfil their potential; to provide the best service they can in their sector. To do that, our products and services aim to raise standards, promote best practices and support continuing professional development throughout all the sectors in which we operate.

Our story

Pavilion was established in 1986 to provide forward thinking training materials for professionals working in the health and social care sectors. Since then we have grown, changed and evolved along the way but one thing has remained the same: our longstanding commitment to raising professional development, breaking down barriers and promoting equality and acceptance across the health, social care, education, and emergency response sectors.

After working closely for many years, Pavilion joined OLM Group in 2008. Having shared goals, values, and expertise in software, publications, and events, both companies now work together to provide a wide range of services across the health and social care sector.

Now in our 31st year, we continue to produce industry-leading handbooks, training materials, journals, and events, and to extend our range of services through innovative approaches to the market.

Pavilion Publishing and Media is part of OLM Group.

In 2016, OLM Group was proud to celebrate 25 years of innovation and growth.

Investing in people and innovation for over 25 years, OLM Group builds businesses that transform.

OLM Group consists of three transformational businesses: OLM Systems, Nalanda Technology and Pavilion Publishing and Media.

Headquartered in Teddington, Middlesex, OLM Group employs over 240 staff with local offices in Brighton, Cwmbran, Glasgow and Oxford.

The Group’s expertise combines:

  • Technology
  • Content
  • Search and discovery