Phoebe Caldwell

The Good Box: Beyond Sensory Turmoil and Pain in Autism

The Good Box: Beyond Sensory Turmoil and Pain in Autism is about understanding and helping those who struggle with sensory overload due to autism.




This book provides new insights into autism from expert, Phoebe Caldwell, who has been a leader in this area for fifty years. The Anger Box is one of Phoebe Caldwell’s best-selling books which moved attention away from the symptoms of autism towards understanding and alleviating sensory overload experiences for autistic people.

The Good Box brings ideas from The Anger Box and Hall of Mirrors, Shards of Clarity, another best-seller of Phoebe’s with a decade of her updated autism research. As Phoebe’s new book title suggests, it reflects the move from distress in autism to more positive and inclusive insights and acceptance of autism.

You can view a sample of The Good Box here. 



The Good Box is for Health and social care professionals who work with children and adults on the autism spectrum; parents with autistic children and anyone with a general interest in the subject and individuals who are on the autism spectrum themselves.



1. A People Spectrum
2. Defensive Systems
3. Flight Evolutionary Interlude
4. All In the Mind?
5. Neurological Damage
6. Vision In a Grey World
7. Auditory Processing
8. Feelings, Touch and Pressure
9. Emotional Overload Historical Interlude
10. Brain Wiring
11. Behavioural Approach or Engagement?
12. Autism and Society
13. A Sense of Self




Phoebe Caldwell DSc is a Responsive Communication Practitioner who has pioneered the development of support for people on the autistic spectrum for almost fifty years, opening channels of communication and emotional engagement for thousands of individuals who had previously experienced social and emotional isolation. Internationally, Phoebe collaborates with professionals from countries including Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada. Her contribution was recognised when she won The Times/Sternberg Award, which celebrates the achievements of people aged seventy or over who have done most for society in their older age. Phoebe is now 90 and still working to improve understanding and acceptance of autism.


  1. Tina Yates, Autism Berkshire

    “An insightful update for anyone studying autism from outside or in.”

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