Resources for Interactive Training

Interactive Training is a system of coaching that promotes learning through experience.

It is a practical hands-on approach that helps individual members of staff develop and use skills to support people who have severe learning disabilities to engage in meaningful activities.

Here are the PowerPoint slideshows you will need to run the training and a link to an external site (Vimeo) that hosts the videos you will also need.

Downloadable resources

Video resources (Vimeo):

Interval Recording
DVD Simulation 1: Pre-coaching observation
DVD Simulation 2: Post coaching observation
All videos

Slideshows (PowerPoint):

Session 1: Introduction (PPT)
Session 2: Overview (PPT)
Session 3: Support trainer observation using interval recording (PPT)
Session 5: Narrative recording (PPT)
Session 6: Feedback (PPT)
Session 7: Coaching (PPT)