Dr Anna Haigh

Psychology for Creative Artists: Rediscover Creativity with Tools from the Therapy Room

An interactive, self-reflective guide that applies techniques from contemporary clinical psychology to benefit creative artists and anyone seeking to increase their capacity for personal and professional creativity, innovation, originality and growth.


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Most creative artists encounter ‘dry spells’; similarly, many of us feel there is a creative project inside us that never quite gets out. Either way, wherever there is a block, there is an opportunity for enquiry and exploration. If all creativity is generated by the mind, then psychology is uniquely placed to speak to the creative process.

Using a psychological lens to explore this subject in fine detail, Psychology for Creative Artists considers questions such as how to develop as a creative being, how context shapes our response to our own and others’ work, and how psychological blocks can prevent action.

Drawing on her personal experience as both a psychologist and a creative artist, Dr Anna Haigh looks at the powerful role of emotions and inspiration, and employs tools drawn from her clinical work to take readers on an enlightening and interactive journey through ways in which they can discover, deepen and sustain a more creative life.


Anyone who considers themselves creative, wants to develop creatively or has an interest in the science of creativity, including but not limited to artists in all media. Art students; artists experiencing a block or wishing to increase authenticity. A broad range of professionals who need to be creative in their work, for example therapists, entrepreneurs, software developers, architects, designers, investors, researchers.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803882833

Publication Date: July 2023



1. Setting the scene
2. The creative self in context
3. The development of creativity
4. The role of emotions
5. Inspiration
6. Action
7. If you build it, they will come
8. Moving forwards


Anna Haigh is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) practitioner with over twenty years’ experience working with adults and children, both in the NHS and in private practice.

During this time, she has facilitated supervision groups and reflective practice sessions for creative artists within education institutions and in the community. Dr Haigh is also a published writer, ceramicist and musician and can therefore reflect on the creative process through both a professional and personal lens.


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