Resources for Mindful Parenting

Cover of the book Mindful parentingHere you will find the audio resources that accompany the book Mindful Parenting.

To listen to an audio track, click on the relevant link below.

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Audio Track 1 – Sitting meditation (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 2 – Body scan with self-compassion (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 3 – Sitting meditation with attention for sounds and thoughts (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 4 – Breathing space (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 5 – Walking meditation (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 6 – Choiceless awareness (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 7 – Mindful Movement (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 8 – Sitting with Difficult Feelings (SoundCloud)

Audio Track 9 – Coming to the Breath with Kindness (SoundCloud)