Jon Hird

Spoken Grammar

All you need to know to teach spoken grammar in the language classroom

Spoken grammar is often neglected in the classroom, as the focus traditionally tends to be on more written-like grammar. In this book, Jon Hird presents research-driven methodology and suggests practical applications to explore how key aspects of spoken grammar can be introduced and taught in class more effectively.


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Spoken grammar is often neglected in the classroom. Much of the grammar covered in published ELT materials and taught globally perpetuates the standard ELT syllabus, which is largely based on more written-like grammar. In Spoken Grammar, Jon Hird explores how teachers can supplement or modify the more traditional ELT approaches by adding elements of spoken grammar to their teaching.

‘Spoken grammar’ refers to features that commonly occur in speaking and in informal contexts, such as on social media. The features included in this book are clearly identifiable, straightforward and can be easily explained and practised. The book begins by exploring the nature of written versus spoken English. It then moves on to look at why and how to introduce and practise spoken grammar into the classroom. Additionally, it provides authentic examples of each point alongside the explanations to help provide context. It also provides examples of exercises that can practice the language, alongside photocopiable resources.

Through using this book, teachers will:

  • Become more aware of the features of spoken grammar.
  • Understand how it can be broken down into and presented in bite-size manageable and teachable elements.
  • Be empowered  to create their own activities to incorporate spoken grammar into their lessons, which can be adapted to suit their learners’ needs and interests.
  • Become aware of how spoken grammar can be introduced into the classroom in a variety of ways, including:
    • Taught as a ‘spoken grammar’ lesson in itself,
    • Explored as part of a lesson, possibly to supplement the associated and more conventional grammar that is being covered,
    • Added as a brief ‘extra’ to the grammar being covered to alert the learners to how it can operate in a spoken context and to promote noticing of this.

Spoken Grammar is part of the Teaching English series.


The book is suitable for:

  • Experienced teachers globally looking for something beyond the traditional approach to grammar.
  • Newer, trainee and less experienced teachers looking for creative ways to teach what is a less traditionally explored area.
  • Any teacher who wants to freshen up their teaching of not just grammar, but teaching speaking and teaching English more generally.

Teacher trainers looking for new resources.


Jon Hird is a teacher, trainer and materials writer based in Oxford, UK. He teaches grammar and EAP at the University of Oxford and has written or contributed to a number of course book, grammar and other ELT resource material for a range of publishers.


ISBN: 978-1-80388-348-9

Expected publication date (may be subject to change): Autumn 2024


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