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The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision Training Pack

Training pack

An organisational training manual for building resilience to workplace stress in health and social care professionals

This training resource is based on the sustainable model of professional resilience designed to be used in supervision, coaching and supportive sessions.



The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision: An organisational training manual for building resilience to workplace stress in health and social care professionals is a training pack and accompanying reader that is based on the model of restorative resilience supervision.

Restorative resilience supervision was first developed in response to the emotional demands of midwives, doctors and nurses caring for families who had experienced miscarriage and stillbirth.

The programme was designed to support professionals to process their workplace experiences and support them to build resilience levels to ensure they had future coping strategies beyond the initial life of the supervision sessions.

This resource allows an organisation to cascade the restorative resilience approach throughout their staff, initially ‘training a trainer’, who can then pass the knowledge on to any number of supervisors.

It includes full step-by-step instructions for both phases of this training, and a CD-ROM supplying all the handouts and PowerPoints needed to run the training. It also includes several video clips of Restorative Resilience in action, modelled by the author, Sonya Wallbank, to demonstrate what good practice should look like.

The reader gives an in-depth understanding of the theoretical principles and research background to the approach, and explores how to put the approach into action on an individual level. In combination with the training pack, this can be used to further the knowledge of all those learning about the approach, both the trainers and the eventual supervisors.


The Restorative Model of Supervision: An organisational training manual for building resilience to workplace stress in health and social care professionals is for organisations within the caring professions, including NHS trusts/organisations, social workers and supporting teams, local authority staff, teachers/schools, court services, hospices, ambulance services and emergency call handlers.


ISBN: 9781910366943
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Publication: 31 March 2016
Training Pack:

Session 1: Welcome and introductions

Preparing to introduce the model

Getting ready to ‘train the trainers’

Session 2: Why are we here?

Supervision as a cascade model

Organisational attachment

The gift of supervision

Session 3: Background to stress and resilience

Under pressure- revert to type?

Operating in a ‘stressed’ state

The impact of stress

Slowed thinking = cortex engagement

Session 4: Activity for stress and resilience

Vulnerability factors

Protective factors

What does resilience look like?


Session 5: Background to Restorative Resilience Supervision

What is the evidence?

Impact on professionals?

Ability to balance is individual

Impact on patients and families

What restorative resilience sessions do

Session 6: What is the model?

What is the model?

Picture of the model

Session 7: Recognising emotional states

In supervision

Supervision interventions

Session 8: Getting past the negative

Getting past the negative

Emotional containment

Reflective practice

Session 9: Moving into the positive

Moving into the positive

Stress inoculation

Resilience training

Foundation coaching

Support me to rise

Session 10: Closing the day and next steps in practice




Workplace stress

Vulnerability of the helping professions

Resilience and protective factors

Why restorative resilience supervision?

Key elements of the model

Case studies.


Dr Sonya Wallbank

Dr Sonya Wallbank is the founder and CEO of Fiduciam UK Ltd. As the original developer of the restorative programme of supervision in 2009, Sonya has maintained a strong belief that resilient staff are much more able to deliver their role effectively.

Sonya is a chartered psychologist by background and an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Sonya is also a registered member of the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) and chartered member of the Chartered Institute
of Personnel Development (CIPD).

Sonya is the founder of Capellas Nurseries Group and has worked in the UK, USA and Australia training a range of staff to utilise her model within their work. Her most recent NHS position was Director of Children and Families. She has trained a range of staff in the NHS, Department of Health, local authorities, private organisations, hospices and charities. As a keen writer, Sonya has published in both professional journals and books and has a number of ongoing blogs.


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