Resources for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Groups

Here are a number of recorded practices to accompany the book Teaching Mindfulness-Based Groups. They link to a number of the chapters in the book, but they can be used at any time.

We hope you enjoy them.

For more information, or to purchase a copy of the Teaching Mindfulness-Based Groups Paperback book, click here.

Downloadable resources

Intentions Practice – supporting the value of the group (Soundcloud)

Feet on the floor (Soundcloud)

The Pause (Soundcloud)

The Pause and Feet on the Floor combined (Soundcloud)

Bringing the group to mind (Soundcloud)

Inside Out Guiding (Soundcloud)

General guidance to befriending practices (Soundcloud)

First friend for life – Care and kindness (Soundcloud)

Second friend for life – Appreciation and Contentment (Soundcloud)

Third friend for life – Compassion (Soundcloud)

Fourth friend for life – Groundedness and balance (Soundcloud)