Danny Walsh, Roger Smith

Bipolar Disorder


A guide for mental health professionals, carers and those who live with it

A very practical guide to good practice in understanding and managing bipolar disorder for mental health professionals, carers and those who live with it.



This handbook brings together the knowledge and experience of both health professionals and those with bipolar disorder to create a balanced, informative and very practical guide to good practice in understanding and managing the disorder.

The 36 chapters cover a wide range of subjects, including diet, supporting the family, counselling, warning signs and relapse prevention, to develop the reader’s understanding of many aspects of the disorder. The chapters also contain case studies, exercises and consideration points for those who want to expand on their reading.



This resource is aimed at people with bipolar disorder, their family and friends, mental health nurses, social workers and other health professionals.


ISBN: 9781908066152
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 02 January 2012
Content: The handbook is divided into four sections:

  • Section 1 Theories and approaches behind bipolar disorder
  • Section 2 In-patient/acute care
  • Section 3 Bipolar in the community
  • Section 4 Related conditions and conclusions

The handbook is written by a mental health nurse and a researcher with experience of bipolar disorder and recovering from it. It also draws upon the experiences of people whose lives have been disrupted by the disorder.


Roger Smith was a pharmaceutical analyst prior to being a vitamin and mineral expert with a multi-national food company. A period of a lack of sleep led to a psychiatric assessment and attempts to correct a ‘chemical imbalance’, first with an antipsychotic and then with antidepressants. More sleeplessness led to a bipolar diagnosis and 13 years on a mood stabiliser. After gaining qualifications in stress management, Roger is now a mood and recovery researcher, a writer and a trainer. He uses his 30 years of experience of drugs, nutrition and recovery to help others work towards a life with minimal medication. His clients include various national mental health charities.

Danny Walsh was born in Lincolnshire and trained as a mental health nurse in 1982. He gained considerable early experience in acute mental health settings and group work approaches before developing a specialist interest in bipolar disorder and older adults’ mental health. He has published several books on dementia care and reminiscence, activity therapy in older adults and mentoring in nursing. He currently writes a monthly reminiscence and activities e-zine for health and social care workers and is a lecturer in mental health nursing. Danny is also interested in nursing home care and the beneficial effects of outdoor activity for mental health.


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