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Developing Leadership

Spiral Bound

Learning from Practice Series

A learning and development manual (2nd edition)



Leadership has been a hot topic for some time now, but unfortunately it is subject to a number of common misunderstandings and oversimplifications. In Developing Leadership, the authors enable you to benefit from their experience and expertise in clearing away the misunderstandings and helping participants to get to grips with what leadership is really all about. Topics include understanding leadership, styles of leadership, personal and professional values, creating an effective culture, self-awareness, motivation and obstacles to leadership.

The quality of leadership is often the key difference between organisational success and failure and between an organisation being a positive, energising place to work and a negative, stressful environment.Written by two people with a great deal of experience of both serving as leaders and offering training on the subject, this resource has a great deal to offer individuals and organisations committed to developing genuine leadership as a foundation for establishing and maintaining effective and humane workplaces.

Developing this training manual enabled Peter Gilbert to bring together a number of themes around leadership which he had been interested in and engaged with over a number of years – in particular, a holistic approach to leadership.

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ISBN: 9781912755479

Publication Date: June 2019

Contents includes:

Part One: Setting the Context
Reflecting on leadership
What is leadership?
Leadership integrated into practice
Personal values
Professional values
Thinking things through and thinking ahead
Leadership and management
The managerial tasks
So, where does leadership come in, and is it different from management?
Theories of leadership
1. The singer, not the song: charismatic leadership
2. Cometh the time, cometh the [wo]man
3. ‘Both/and’ not ‘either/or’
4. Authentic leadership
Shaping an effective culture
What is culture?
Culture is complex
The leader’s role
Barriers to effective leadership
A holistic approach
Learning for the future as well as the present
Conclusion: Serve to lead

Part Two: Training and Development
STEP Factors
SWOT Analysis
Images of Leadership
Leadership Recognition
Leadership Biographies
Styles of Leadership
Leadership and Management
Balancing Task, Team and Individual
Worksheet: Balancing Task, Team and Individual
Obstacles to Leadership
Identifying One’s Own Needs in Self-leadership
Worksheet: Identifying One’s Own Needs in Self-leadership

Part Three: Conclusion
Guide to Further Learning
Appendix: Leadership Biographies
Biography 1: Nelson Mandela – Anti-apartheid Champion
Biography 2: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) – Founder of the Nursing Profession
Biography 3: Carly Fiorina – Business Person and Future US Politician?
Biography 4: Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1885) – Social Reformer Biography 5: Ernest Shackleton – Explorer (1874-1922)
Biography 6: Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson – Sports Person
Biography 7: Three Generals: Richard O’Connor, Erwin Rommel and ‘Bill’ Slim
Biography 8: Dame Stella Rimington – Spy Supremo
Biography 9: Sir Alex Ferguson – Football Manager
Biography 10: Jack Welch – Business Person
Biography 11: Cardinal Basil Hume (1923-1999) – Spiritual Leader
Biography 12: Dame Cicely Saunders – Founder of the Hospice Movement (1918-200)


Sadly, since the publication of the first edition of this manual, Peter Gilbert has passed away. Peter had a highly successful career, initially in the army followed by 27 years’ service in local government social services as a practitioner/manager and senior manager, rising to the level of Operations Director for Staffordshire County Council and then Director of Social Services for Worcestershire.

Following this he became Professor of Social Work and Spirituality at Staffordshire University where he was involved in giving spirituality a higher profile in relation to mental health and social care more broadly. In the latter years of his career he worked as an independent consultant in social and health care, while also serving as visiting professor at the University of Worcester.

Peter held a Master’s in Modern History from Balliol College, Oxford, a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Sussex and an MBA from Roffey Park Management Institute/University of Sussex.

Dr Neil Thompson is an independent writer, educator and adviser. He has previously held full or honorary professorships at four UK universities and is now a sought-after trainer, consultant and conference speaker.


Find out more about Developing Leadership in this video interview with series editor, Dr Neil Thompson.


Learning from Practice series

This exciting new series of learning and development manuals brings together a team of highly experienced writers, practitioners and learning facilitators with series editor Neil Thompson, a well-respected author and educator. Together, they ensure that these manuals offer an effective way of bridging academic content with the challenging world of practice. As such, they will be invaluable for training presenters and tutors wanting to host events addressing the important range of issues covered by each manual.

Each one provides all the resources you need to provide a high quality learning experience, including helpful background material to set the scene, a range of exercises and worksheets to encourage participant involvement and associated PowerPoint slides to aid the clear and effective presentation of key elements of knowledge and practice. These expertly written resources will provide a foundation of understanding and confidence that will enable even the most inexperienced of trainers to provide high-quality training.

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