Annee Griffiths

Staying Mindful


How to Deepen Your Experience of Mindfulness and Appreciate Your Life

This unique book encourages and inspires readers to develop or rekindle their mindfulness practice by deepening knowledge, enhancing motivation, exploring common barriers to practice and introducing new mindfulness meditations.



Sustaining a mindfulness meditation practice is challenging. Many people complete an eight-week introductory MBSR or MBCT course with the best of intentions, only to quickly let things slip as competing pressures take over and the time to stop and pause dries up. Addressing this issue, Staying Mindful refreshes and deepens the learning gained in typical introductory mindfulness courses, and provides a wealth of guidance to encourage and inspire ongoing practice. Based on a six-week training course developed and run for many years by the author, it is perfect for anyone who has taken an MBSR or MBCT course and wishes to restart or reinvigorate their mindfulness practice. It is also the ideal textbook for advanced courses. It fills a clear gap in the market as most titles in this area are introductory – no authoritative ‘next step’ books exist to guide individuals in further developing their mindfulness skills.


ISBN: 9781913414238

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication date: June 2020






About the Author

Annee Griffiths is a mindfulness teacher, trainer and supervisor who leads residential and silent retreats for the Mindfulness Network CIC, a charitable UK organization that runs all non-academic mindfulness work for Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP). Annee has practised Zen and mindfulness meditation since 1975, holds a masters’ degree in mindfulness approaches and was a founding member of CMRP.

At Bangor Annee has taught Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses and retreats, and on the postgraduate degree in Mindfulness-based Approaches. She also teaches an 8-week MBSR course for Gwynedd Mindfulness – as well as her own 6-week follow-on course, ‘Staying Mindful’, which forms the basis of this book. She has lived on the island of Anglesey for more than 40 years.



Table of Contents

Foreword by Rebecca Crane

  1. Intention
  2. Paying attention
  3. Practising with attitude
  4. Working with difficulty
  5. Working with anxiety
  6. Basic friendliness and self-compassion
  7. Interconnection
  8. Gratitude
  9. Continuing to practice
  10. Personal stories
  11. Session plans and notes



This publication will benefit mindfulness students, especially those completing masters’ courses and eight-week courses on MBSR or MBCT; mindfulness teachers and trainers; psychology students interested in mindfulness; therapists; lecturers and teachers delivering courses or well-being programmes including mindfulness; interested members of the general public.



“Annee Griffiths distils the wisdom and knowledge earned from decades of mindfulness practice and teaching into the book you hold in your hand. Drawing from poetry, stories, contemplative traditions, and scientific findings, Annee shows us how to live our lives more fully with mindfulness. Inspiring and practical, this is a book to be read slowly and savoured.”

Gemma Griffith, Director of Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice Postgraduate Programmes, Bangor University


“What’s the point of mindfulness practice? How can we establish, sustain and deepen our mindfulness practice? As mindfulness enters the mainstream and more people are tying mindfulness practice these questions need answering. This timely, important and skilfully written book is clearly borne out of decades of experience. At a surface level, it is eminently practical, offering sensible guidance, structure and encouragement. At a deeper level, it is infused with wisdom and compassion. As a whole, it will support and inspire readers to develop and sustain their mindfulness practice. This is not surprising as Annee Griffiths has lived every word she writes in her own mindfulness practice and teaching. This book is a timely gift that will become a mainstay go-to resource for  anyone looking for ways to develop a lifelong mindfulness practice.”

Willem Kuyken, Ritblat Professor of Mindfulness and Psychological Science, University of Oxford


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