The Shape of Bereavement


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The Shape of Bereavement provides an insight into the process of grief and mourning, recovery and renewal, drawing on a range of case studies.



This handbook provides an insight into the process of grief and mourning by drawing on interviews with people who have experienced bereavement. The book focuses on experience and the importance of a caring relationship in enabling a bereaved individual to move forward on their journey from trauma to recovery and renewal. Case studies based on real events and situations are used alongside psychological perspectives to show how people talk about themselves when they are actively encouraged, and consciously enabled, to share their grief.


ISBN: 9781908066572
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 March 2012
Content: Topics include: The impact of loss on our emotions; disorientation through loss; the impulse to deny loss; knowing yet not knowing; rites of passage; working through it together.


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