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ETpedia Technology

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500 ideas for using technology in the English language classroom

ETpedia Technology provides 500 tips, ideas and activities to support teachers who want to make use of technology in the ELT classroom.



Technology is becoming an ever more popular and useful tool in the ELT classroom. Whether you are already an avid user of technology or you are inexperienced but want to explore more, then ETpedia Technology is the resource you need. It suggests ways to use text-based tools, multimedia, smartphones and more, as well as providing easy-to-use activities and more general advice for using technology in the classroom. It also covers some of the important discussions around using technology, such as the safety of young learners and the question of plagiarism. This resource can be used whatever your current teaching context, whether you are teaching in face-to-face lessons, online or a mix of the two, and can be adapted for whatever technology and resources you have available.

ETpedia Technology is part of the ETpedia series. Each book uses units of 10 to create an easy-to-use yet comprehensive resource book for the ELT classroom. The series includes the original ETpedia, providing 1000 ideas for English language teachers, as well as more specific resources which each provide 500 ideas on a particular topic. Topics include young learners, exams, grammar, management and materials writing.

You can take a look at a sample chapter from ETpedia Technology here.


ETpedia Technology is ideal for all ELT teachers of varying experience levels. For new teachers it can provide support and ideas, whilst also providing inspiration for experienced teachers and teachers of trainers. It will help all teachers develop their skills further.


ISBN: 9781911028581
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Publication: 31 March 2017

Content includes:

  • Preparing to teach with technology
  • Technology in your lessons
  • Using text-based tools
  • Using multimedia
  • Using smartphones and tablets
  • Teaching contexts and issues
  • Further development


Nicky Hockly is a teacher and teacher trainer, as well as Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E, of which she was one of the founding directors. Her work specifically focuses on how teachers can use technology in the classroom.

John Hughes is the series editor for ETpedia. Over the last 20 years he has worked as a teacher, a teacher trainer, and ELT course leader. He is the author of numerous successful ELT books as well as a popular blogger and conference speaker.

Kindle edition

If you would like to get your copy immediately or save on postage costs, you can now buy a Kindle version of ETpedia Technology! You can also take a look inside before you buy. Kindle editions can be read on the Kindle app across most devices, including phones, tablets and computers, so you do not need a Kindle device to purchase a copy.

On the Kindle version, in the Appendix you will also find photocopiable handouts with additional classroom activities. These can be used exactly as they are, or adapted and developed to suit your own context. You will also find a link to a digital version of the handouts at the start of the Appendix section so you can download you own version or make print outs when you need them.


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