Benjamin Walker

Fire Dynamics for Firefighters


Compartment Firefighting Series: Volume 1

Compartment Firefighting Series: Volume 1 – Fire Dynamics for Firefighters makes crucial fire dynamics science accessible for all frontline firefighters.



Fire Dynamics for Firefighters the first book in the Compartment Firefighting Series. It simplifies the science of fire dynamics for all frontline and trainee firefighters. It aims to empower firefighters with crucial knowledge around how fires start, spread and develop that will keep themselves and others safe. This allows them to make life saving decisions quickly, based upon the science of fire dynamics.

This flexible self-study book is also a valuable resource to support firefighters in keeping up with their professional development and training.

Neil Gibbins QFSM FIFireE says of the book: “This original and practical book challenges some of the thinking from the last decade and covers the imperative topics that all firefighters need to be fluent in, including the importance of flow rates and the impact of building construction on fire behaviour. Benjamin’s thought provoking use of case studies really brings the reality of the consequences home. This book will add to the tools available to firefighters as they deal with these situations on a daily basis.”


Fire Dynamics for Firefighters is essential for every frontline firefighter and trainee firefighter.

If you are studying for IFE examinations, technical and graduate levels diploma, Fire Dynamics for Firefighters will be a useful tool for successful exam preparation.

This self-study training manual is vital for supporting all firefighters’ professional development and safety.


ISBN: 9781911028321
Publication: 19 July 2016

1. Basic Fire Dynamics Science for Firefighters
2. The Combustion Process
3. Flames
4. Fire Growth
5. Rapid Fire Developments: Flashover
6. Rapid Fire Developments: Backdraft
7. Rapid Fire Developments: Fire Gas Ignition
8. Rapid Fire Developments: Blowtorch and Wind Driven Fires
9. The Effect of Building and Construction on Fire Dynamics
10. Water Application: Droplet Theory and Flow Rates
11. Fire Dynamics “Notable Events” and Case Studies
12. Summary

There are helpful revision questions at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge.


Benjamin Walker is an award-winning firefighter, innovative trainer and published author. Benjamin began his career in North East England and has since commanded some of Europe’s busiest fire houses. He has led Compartment Fire Behaviour Training at the London Fire Brigade (UK) Training School – the third biggest Metropolitan Fire Department in the world. Through his charitable work, Benjamin has also delivered firefighter training, created infrastructure and sourced & supplied equipment and resources to Fire Departments in economically deprived areas on three continents.


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