Benjamin Walker, Shan Raffel

Compartment Firefighting Series, books 1, 2, 3


The Compartment Firefighting Series provides those on the frontline with the knowledge and skills to respond to incidents safely and effectively. Buy all three together for £55, saving you over 20%.



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Volume 1, Fire Dynamics for Firefighters, simplifies the science of fire dynamics for all frontline and trainee firefighters. It aims to empower firefighters with crucial knowledge around how fires start, spread and develop that will keep themselves and others safe. This allows them to make life saving decisions quickly, based upon the science of fire dynamics.

Volume 2, Reading Fire, focuses on the information that can be collected upon arrival at an incident. The book takes the reader step-by-step through each critical area of the ‘BE-SAHF’ model of assessment, from building, construction and environmental factors, to understanding and reading smoke, airflow, heat and flames. It explores each of these in depth, alongside detailed discussions of the ‘clues’ that need to be deciphered before making a diagnosis and formulating an effective tactical plan.

Volume 3, Fighting Fire, uses this information to consider the most appropriate tools and techniques at your disposal. It examines the selection of appropriate tactics for the stages of fire development and burning profiles as well as a detailed comparison of techniques, including Tactical Ventilation, Transitional Attack, Water Application and Nozzle Techniques. It also concludes with consideration of the STAR Model of Decision Making and an evaluation of Basic Incident Command Principles.


The Compartment Firefighting Series is vital for all frontline firefighters and incident commanders, focused on improving firefighter safety, efficiency at an incident and supporting professional development.


ISBN: 9781911028321, 9781911028734 and 9781911028741
This three-book bundle includes:

Fire Dynamics for Firefighters

Reading Fire

Fighting Fire


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