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Postcards from Aspie World


Postcards from Aspie World are a selection of postcards based on the life of a young woman with Asperger Syndrome and can be used to prompt discussion.



Postcards from Aspie World are a delightful set of postcards that can be used to prompt and aid discussions around Asperger Syndrome, and how it effects individuals on a daily basis.

For example, this set can be used by a group of people with autism to explore what having autism means to their lives and how they would like to be supported.

On the other side of the coin, they can also be used by professionals working alongside a person with autism on a person-centred plan for support.

There are also accompanying booklets to the postcard set: explaining the postcards fully, and then going on to suggest how they could be used within day-to-day life to support an individual with Asperger Syndrome, as well as a further booklet entitled “Life Stories”.


This resource is ideal families, groups and individuals to use the postcards to prompt discussion about their own lives and situations.


ISBN: 9781911028062
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 April 2016


Hayden Larder Hayden Larder is a young woman who was diagnosed with autism when she was 16. Hayden is currently a student continuing her studies at college. She has completed childcare training and health and social care training and has spent several years volunteering at groups for children and young people with learning disabilities. Helen Larder Helen Larder is Hayden’s mother. Helen has been a writer and teacher for 30 years, teaching creative writing, script writing and theatre studies to students in further education, undergraduates and postgraduates. Publications include a novel for adults and a novel for young adults.


  1. Riya Rose

    I found the Postcards from Aspie World incredibly insightful and helpful in my work with a 32-year-old autistic lady. The selection of postcards based on the life of a young woman with Asperger Syndrome prompts meaningful discussions, and the accompanying booklet with exercises for professionals and parents is a valuable resource to support individuals with autism. Thank you for providing such a useful tool!

  2. Emily Baty, Postgraduate Manchester University

    These cards are an incredibly accessible resource for understanding a person’s lived experience of autism. They convey a wide range of experiences through sweet drawings and short stories. I’d say they would be appropriate for use by people of all ages and in both personal and professional settings

  3. E Gowen

    A very useful tool for helping people to understand autism in an accessible, informative and engaging format. Will make people think about the reasons behind behaviours rather than making uninformed judgements.

  4. K Leadbitter

    A fantastic resource for anyone wanting an insight into life from the perspective of someone with ASD. A really useful tool for initiating and structuring conversations around autism. Highly recommended.

  5. K Tongue

    I attended an excellent and informative talk by Hayden and her Mum and the postcards were shared during it .I found them very useful to understand Autism and Aspergers Syndrome and how people with autism see the world in various situations .I would recommend them to anyone working or supporting someone with autism .The booklet @Life stories ‘ is fantastic and insightful too .

  6. J Booker

    I am responsible for delivering autism training for and on behalf of a charity and bought the larger pack, Understanding Autism, after I saw Hayden and her mum, Helen, give a presentation at ‘Hands on Autism’ at Stepping Hill hospital last year. It was these postcards which initially drew me in! Excellent and incredibly insightful.

  7. D Hockey

    Absolutely amazing. The insight into how a person with aspergers thinks is just fantastic. Thanks to Helen and Hayden for creating this fantastic resource.

  8. A Shave

    These cards are a valuable resource for understanding autism and asperger syndrome. They are are fun and easy to understand but contain important messages surrounding both thoughts and feelings and also address many difficult issues for those affected by these condition.

  9. K Lloyd

    As a member of a support Group for parents of children with ASD, ADHD and challenging behaviours, these postcards are absolutely amazing. They give a real insight into how a child/young adult thinks and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Well done Hayden & Helen!!!

  10. H Mac

    Having worked for over 15 years as a Child Mental Health Practitioner I believe these postcards provide a brilliant insight into the issues and dilemmas which challenge people with ASD on a daily basis. The cartoon format, short comments and humour make them a really accessible resource. They are an effective tool in stimulating discussion within a training setting.

  11. Rainbow

    As a person with Asperger Syndrome, it was really helpful to see many of my experiences reflected in the stories and images. I love the quirky style of the artwork! It felt very easy to empathise with the author and, whilst some stories made me laugh, others made me sad at people’s lack of awareness about autism. These postcards are a great way to help people to understand personal experiences of autism and a good starting point for conversations. Highly recommended for all!

  12. H Hayward

    As someone who has worked with young people with autism for almost 15 years, I was so impressed to see this pack of cards created. It is always a constant challenging and learning curve fully understanding the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of those people I work with and as hard as I try, I do not always get it right. I think a set of resources like this will work wonders for support workers, families and partners of people affected by autism and I would recommend it to everyone.

  13. R Hopkins

    As a Specialist Paediatric Audiologist my colleagues and I often meet and work with children with autism and use games to diagnose hearing loss and fit hearing aids. These postcards provide an accessible and valuable resource to help me to engage with these children in a constructive and meaningful way and improved my understanding of autism. I intend to use the knowledge gained from these postcards and resources to improve my practice and will recommend to all my colleagues! Highly recommended!

  14. G Johnson

    I would recommend ‘Postcards from Aspie World’ to anyone that works with anyone with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. This pack is full of useful recourses and I highly found it a powerful tool as a teacher at a specialist college at Derwen. The tips throughout and the great comments from Hayden’s prospective are very useful to gain a better understand of what life with autism is like.

  15. J Jefferson

    As a public health professional, these postcards are an ideal resource for use training staff or voluntary groups. They capture some of the experience of “living in an aspie world” in a way that makes that world visible to those of us who may be on the fringes or outsiders. The cartoon format makes challenging info accessible in a humorous yet serious way, helping foster discussion or presenting situations for the associated training pack. And they’re quite entertaining in their own right!

  16. Linda

    The format of the pack, with its cartoon pictures and quotes make it fun and manageable. Bite size chunks of insight and wisdom into experiencing the world with Aspergers. The scenarios depicted are immediate and personal, but somehow universal at the same time. Brilliant.

  17. H Copestake

    As a teacher of children with severe learning disabilities, I highly recommend ‘Postcards from Aspie World’ to other professionals and parents involved in working and caring for people with autism and Asperger Syndrome. The Postcards are so informative. The illustrations and Hayden Larder’s comments are both engaging and instructive. The accompanying ‘Life Stories’ booklet is an eye-opener. I didn’t want to put it down. Activities and ideas relating to the postcards are an added bonus.

  18. D Whittle

    An accessible and fun resource for people with Aspergers and their families and a valuable source of inspiration for educators, counsellors and anyone who would like to better understand Aspergers. As a counsellor I found these postcards extremely useful. Highly recommended.

  19. J Boyd

    ‘Postcards from Aspie world’ are a really useful tool which have helped my social work staff and the parents they work with to understand autism. The illustrations are very clear and heartfelt and the communication exercises in the training pamphlet are interesting and easy to use. I would highly recommend this resource to other social work services and parents.

  20. N Franklin

    I bought the postcards to help me interact with a friend’s daughter. I really found the postcards helpful. Each one illustrates different social situations from the view point of a person with autism. They use humour to help explain the world, and what support or changes to social situations could be made. I bought a second pack for a friend, to help others understand her son better.

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