Terri Salt

Reducing Risk in Health and Social Care: Towards Outstanding Teams and Services

Regulation of health and social care services is moving towards more risk-based inspections that focus on safety of services. Reducing Risk in Health and Social Care explores what a culture of safety looks like, why it matters and how to achieve it.



The Towards Outstanding series offers essential resources for health and social care services regulated by the Care Quality Commission, built around the ‘five questions’ that inspectors use (are services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?).

Written by a senior CQC inspector, Reducing Risk in Health and Social Care takes a close-up look at the ‘are they safe?’ aspect of assessment, showing that exceptional safety is about the consistent and effective identification and mitigation of everyday risks for the service type. The CQC has introduced a new approach involving ‘quality statements’, with a greater focus on risk, and this will be the first book to include the new standards. Drawing on her extensive experience, Terri Salt sets readers on the path towards excellence by sharing examples of what works in other services, best practice, and key aspects of the CQC published guidance.


Leaders and administrators in health and social care services across the UK – including but not limited to 2,300 NHS hospitals, over 200 adult hospices, over 40 children’s hospices, over 7,000 GP practices, over 12,000 dental practices, over 11,000 care homes, and thousands of CQC-registered private hospitals and clinics.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
ISBN: 9781803883076
Publication: January 2024



1. Beginnings

PART 1: Regulation and risk
2. The changes to the way health and social care services will be regulated
2. Risk based inspections and ratings changes
3. Statutory Notifications;
4. Know your service!
5. How easy is it to get outstanding for the safe question
6. Human factors

PART 2: Quality Statements: a new approach

7. What are Quality Statements?
8. How Quality Statements link to regulations
9. The Fundamental Standards
10. Learning Culture
11. Safe systems, pathways and transitions
12. Safeguarding
13. Involving people to manage risks
14. Safe environments
15. Safe and effective staffing
16. Infection prevention and control
17. Medicines optimisation
18. Risk register


19. Summary


Terri Salt is Inspection Manager for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the regulator of all health and social care services in England. Until recently she was Head of Hospital Inspection for North London. As one of the longest serving regulators in the country, Terri is unique in having regulated all types of services (current inspectors specialise in only one). She awarded the very first ‘Outstanding’ rating, (for end of life care at Frimley Park Hospital), and she has awarded more ‘Outstanding’ ratings to hospitals than any other member of CQC staff.

Terri trained as a nurse for adults and children, and retains a current professional registration. She earned qualifications in a range of nursing specialisms before leaving clinical practice to start a family. She then moved into lecturing and eventually management, joining the CQC in 2000. She has given keynote speeches on the subject of what ‘Outstanding’ looks like.


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