Alexis Quinn

Autistic and Expecting: Practical support for parents to be, and health and social care practitioners


A unique and practical book on managing autistic pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period for autistic parents and for the health and social care practitioners who may support them.



Autistic and Expecting is the first book of its kind to be written specifically for autistic parents. The author is an autistic mum who experienced a mental health crisis after a poorly supported pregnancy and childbirth. The book voices the experiences of many autistic parents and addresses the issues they uniquely and collectively face.

The book provides a practical, insightful and solution-focused guide to empower autistic parents from pre-conception through to the first few months. The  book is sensitively illustrated and provides the information, resources and confidence autistic parents need to advocate for themselves, as well as developing positive relationships with the professionals involved in their care.

Autistic and Expecting is also a useful textbook for health and social care practitioners. It details how to provide reasonably adjusted care with the best outcomes for autistic people and their babies.

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Activists all have a defining moment that propels them into action. And Alexis Quinn’s began after she birthed her first child and her youngest brother died. She asked for help from services and responded autistically to the ‘help’.  She was then detained under the Mental Health Act for three and half years before escaping to Africa.

On conceiving her second child, Alexis reasoned that autistic people should not have to enter pregnancy and birth worrying about being misunderstood, marginalised and traumatised.  She connected with other autistic parents and was saddened at the scarce resources for autistic people. Determined not to repeat what had happened in the past, Alexis took matters into her own hands. Assuming a human rights approach to her second pregnancy, Alexis succeeded in having an entirely uneventful, and ‘perfect’ autistic birth experience.

Alexis Quinn was a school teacher of over ten years, former professional athlete and author of her ground-breaking memoir, Unbroken and now, Autistic and Expecting.


Due to be published by Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd October 2021

ISBN: 978-1-914010-85-9


Table of Contents

  1. Your rights in pregnancy and childbirth
  2. Autistic identity
  3. Ready for a baby?
  4. Getting pregnant
  5. Conception, fertilisation and the beginning of life
  6. Diet
  7. Medication
  8. Exercise
  9. Sleep
  10. Preparing for appointments
  11. Feeling baby move
  12. Finding out the sex of your baby
  13. Where do you want to give birth?
  14. What to pack for hospital
  15. What is it like to give birth?
  16. Writing a birth plan
  17. Care after birth
  18. Miscarriage, stillbirth and grief
  19. Mind, emotions and wellbeing
  20. Feeding baby
  21. Being a new parent
  22. Fourth trimester plan


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