Feelings and Emotions


Social, Emotional & Behaviour Skills DVD

Teach individuals how to understand and manage feelings and emotions using this unique and powerful DVD with accompanying activities and discussion points.



This creative and powerful DVD teaches the understanding of feelings and emotions. It helps students develop an awareness of feelings in themselves and in others, and helps them learn to manage these emotions effectively.

A rich and varied collection, Feelings and Emotions covers 30 different human situations, from family dynamics to accident and hospital scenarios, and from office and classroom conflicts to friendship and success. The experiences include both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings in both individual and group situations.

Through the DVD and the accompanying ideas and activities for discussion and writing, students will:

  • Identify with scenarios that mirror their own experiences
  • Expand their vocabulary of emotions to express and manage feelings more appropriately
  • Develop empathy and more easily imagine other people’s feelings
  • Understand, respect and respond to the feelings of others
  • Build more successful relationships and friendships

Each film clip runs at normal speed, as a sequence of stills and also in slow motion. The clips deliberately do not include speech. This encourages a wider range of interpretations by the student of the thoughts and feelings of the various characters portrayed.


ISBN: 9781907370151
Publisher: Loggerhead Publishing
Publication: 09 December 2013
Content: 30 film clips covering happiness; fear; sadness; anger; surprise; motivation; calm; boredom; frustration; worry; friendliness; embarrassment; guilt; jealousy; pride; bravery; relaxation; loneliness/rejection;, stress; anxiety; disgust and many more.


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