Sue Sutton

Developing Personal and Social Skills for Young People and Adults with SEND

A  course for use in educational, community and secure settings to assist in successful transition from childhood to adulthood



Many children and young people with intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health issues or offending behaviour have difficulty in making a successful transition from childhood to adulthood as a result of lack of opportunities, poor role models or the complex nature of their disability. As a result, they may lack understanding of social conventions and laws, appropriate social interactions and relationships, and how to manage feelings or difficult situations. As a result, they may suffer from low self-esteem and find it difficult to live and work successfully in the community.

The course manual aims to equip young people and adults with intellectual disabilities, autism or mental health difficulties with the personal and social skills to transition from childhood to adulthood and live successfully in the community. These skills include

  • relating appropriately to different people
  • being as responsible and independent as possible
  • making decisions in an assertive manner
  • asking for help
  • coping with feelings and difficult situations and
  • building self-esteem.

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Sue Sutton is a trained teacher with a lifetime of working with children and adults with special educational needs and behavioural issues in a variety of settings. She has taught personal and social skills to adults and children, including men with learning disabilities detained for their offending behaviour in medium secure units. Her courses have complemented medical and psychological interventions in helping them move on as quickly as possible into low security or community settings. She has written and given talks about the value of education in helping people with intellectual disabilities, autism and behavioural issues to live successfully in the community, and in particular, to make the transition from childhood to adulthood and from school and college to adult life. She has piloted and run a course for college SEND teachers and has created and piloted the course contained in this new publication. She remains passionate about empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to live fulfilling lives and to equip those who live and work with them with skills to support them.


Format: Ringbound

Publication date: Feb 2021

ISBN: 9781913414641




Brief table of Contents

Module 1 Respect for everybody, both self and others

Module 2 Assertiveness

Module 3 Feelings

Module 4 Relationships

Module 5 Drugs and Alcohol

Module 6 Future plans


Teachers, experienced teaching assistants and support assistants in secondary schools and colleges with SEND pupils; support staff in intellectual disability services; psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists working in mental health or intellectual disability services; probation officers or those working with offenders in mental health units, young offenders units and prisons; staff working in mental health centres and treatment and addiction centres.


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