Ekaterina Harrison

The EHCP Handbook How to Make an Effective Education Health and Care Plan: A Guide for Parents and Carers

This accessible, illustrated handbook provides guidance on how to make an effective Education Health Care Plan for young people with special educational needs.


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In England, more than half a million children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). But, having an EHCP does not always guarantee a smooth education journey. If it is not properly written, an EHCP can be ineffective or misleading.

This accessible, illustrated handbook guides parents and carers through all of the stages of making an ECHP.

It equips the reader with the information needed to ensure the EHCP provides clear guidance and support for the child or young person’s education journey.

The book provides strategies to help families to maintain the plan’s relevance and advocate for their young persons rights. The author provides a useful legal background into the history of EHCPs and the local authority’s role in the process. It aims to promote more effective collaboration between parents and support teams.


Ekaterina Harrison is a solicitor qualified to practise law in England and Wales. As an autistic woman and a mother to three neurodivergent children, she brings a unique perspective to her writing on special needs and legal entitlements. Her expertise in education law has developed through advocacy work for her children’s needs and volunteering with the charity SOS!SEN.

The illustrations inside the book are by Ekaterina Harrison’s son, James (age 11). He exhibited at the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show in 2023.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803883953

Publication date: June 2024

Pages: 164 to be confirmed


Foreword by Eleanor Wright (SOS!SEN)

Part 1: EHCPs, their purpose, their history and more
Chapter 1: What is an EHCP?
Chapter 2: History, laws and enforcement
Chapter 3: Gathering information and advice
Chapter 4: Advocacy, self-advocacy and mental capacity

Part 2: A how-to guide to the EHCP and how to keep it updated
Chapter 5: Education sections (B, F and I)
Chapter 6: Health sections (C and G)
Chapter 7: Social care sections (D, H1 and H2)
Chapter 8: Other sections (A, E, J and K)
Chapter 9: Putting it all together
Chapter 10: Reviewing and monitoring the EHCP

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