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Addiction Recovery


A movement for social change and personal growth in the UK

Addiction Recovery is a handbook for frontline workers and managers, designed to develop understanding of the philosophy of recovery from substance misuse.



A theoretical but highly accessible book, Addiction Recovery helps develop understanding about the philosophy of recovery, what the supporting evidence is and how workers and managers can apply this in a more recovery friendly way, as well as what they can do to assess and evidence these changes.

It will examine evidence from a number of international recovery studies and examples of successes in the UK where established recovery communities and groups, some peer projects and some services, have changed their philosophy to a recovery-oriented one.


ISBN: 9781908066169
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 March 2012
Content: Mutual aid and the history of the addiction recovery movement; recovery and treatment; recovery and public policy; analysis of ‘mature’ recovery systems in England; what works in recovery in the UK; what now?


David Best is associate professor of addiction studies at Monash University and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Services in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked in the addictions field for 20 years, predominantly in England in a range of university and policy posts, including work at the Maudsley Hospital and the Institute of Psychiatry, Birmingham University and the National Addiction Centre.

His main research interests are around treatment effectiveness and the recovery agenda. In the latter capacity, he was the first chair of the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium and of the UK Recovery Academy. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and is attempting to develop models to understand recovery peer networks and the growth of recovery capital.


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