Dr Steve Moss, Dr Robin Friedlander

Moss-PAS (Diag ID) Interview Score Forms


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For use with the Moss-PAS (Diag ID) , use these score forms to record the ratings and make a comprehensive case formulation.

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Pack of 20£70.00
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Pack of 60£201.00
Pack of 80£264.00
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The Moss-PAS-(Diag ID) has been designed to meet the particular problems of assessment in people with intellectual disabilities, but is equally valid for use with the general population. It provides full diagnoses under both the ICD-11 and DSM-5 (TR), and also provides a framework for producing a wider case formulation using other assessment frameworks (behavioural, ecological, psychodynamic etc).

The interview is designed to maximise the possibility of conducting a clinical interview, even if the client’s level of language is poor. Questions are also provided for informants so that the interviews can be conducted with a client and informant, or just with an informant if the client is non-verbal. Information can be collected not just on current mental state, but also on a second representative episode.

The Moss-PAS (Diag ID) uses a scoring system that is transparent to the user, making it very clear to see not just the criteria that have been fulfilled but also those that are close to fulfilment. This makes the process of clinical interpretation easier and based on clear evidence.

The score forms are for recording the ratings, determining which diagnostic criteria have been met, and bringing together other relevant information to make a comprehensive case formulation.




Psychologists, psychiatrists and qualified professionals in community mental health teams, mental health trusts, acute health trusts, universities and students.


ISBN: 9781912755592
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 2020
Content: 20 score forms per pack. To be used with the Moss -PAS (Diag ID) handbook.

For full information about validity and reliability, together with sample pages to view or a digital version of this Moss-PAS assessment tool please visit www.moss-pas.com. 


Dr Steve Moss has worked for 30 years in disability research, initially in the fields of children with visual impairment and children’s motor development, and subsequently in the areas of intellectual disability and mental health assessment.

His work on development of the PASADD system, now entitled Moss-PAS (Moss Psychiatric Assessment), is particularly well known, and these assessments are now used in many countries throughout the world.

Dr Moss has published over 80 articles, chapters, books and assessments, and has trained several thousand people around the work in use of the Moss-PAS (PAS-ADD) system.

He worked for 20 years at the Hester Adrian Research Centre, Manchester University, and later at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, where he continues to have an honorary post.


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