Dr Pat Frankish

Nought to three – becoming me

A guide for parents (and those who support them)



An illustrated, booklet for parents (and those who support them) to help navigate their way through the first three, vital years of their child’s emotional development and lay the foundations for a stable core self that will see them through the rest of their lives.  The booklet draws on the author’s extensive experience of working with distressed and traumatized individuals for whom this has not happened. The booklet explains the essential stages of emotional development, what can go wrong, and what is required to provide a nurturing environment within which the child can flourish.


Parents, carers and those who support them.


Chapter 1: The Emotional Journey
Chapter 2: Arriving in the World – Establishing the Symbiotic Relationship
Chapter 3: Feeling Their Way – Differentiation
Chapter 4: Learning Fast – Practising
Chapter 5: Give and Take – Early Rapprochement
Chapter 6: Moving Away – Late Rapprochement
Chapter 7: Knowing Me, Knowing You – Making it to Individuation
Chapter 8: Finding Support – What Happens When Things Go Wrong
Epilogue: Some Words of Reassurance

ISBN: 9781912755806

Publication Date: 28 November 2019


Dr Pat Frankish obtained B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology and B.A (Open) in Humanities and Psychology before undertaking training in teaching children with severe learning difficulties and then a masters in Clinical Psychology. She went on to Doctoral studies and was made a Doctor of Psychology in 2003. She has a wide experience of psychological issues across age groups. She has a specialist interest in early personality development and the consequences of disturbance through traumatic life events.  She was an active member of the British Psychological Society for many years and still serves as a Trustee of BPS Comms. 


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