Laurel Alexander

The Resilience Coaching Toolkit


Practical self-management exercises for professionals working to enhance the well-being of clients

The Resilience Coaching Toolkit is a flexible training pack aimed to increase people’s awareness of resilience and self-management approaches.



Psychological resilience could be defined as an individual’s ability to successfully adapt to life in the face of adverse conditions. Resilient people don’t dwell on failures – they acknowledge the situation, find strength to embrace emotional difficulties and move on.

This flexible training pack is designed to be used in one-to-one sessions as well as for group work. It teaches the Resilience Coaching Model, a non-directive approach whereby the facilitator encourages the learner(s) in the proactive self-management of resilience.

Using this proactive approach, learners will be able to:
• make a conscious decision to shape a resilient lifestyle
• assume responsibility for the quality of their life
• make changes to enhance their resilience
• understand the difference between what they can change and what they cannot and focus their energies wisely
• develop a resilient lifestyle which will allow them to revitalize and re-energise themselves so that they can continue to thrive in the face of the demands of life.




The training pack can be used by freelance resilience coaches, mental health support workers, counsellors and psychotherapists, among others, to help those struggling with stress, anxiety and mild depression, as well as anyone looking to improve their general mental well-being.


ISBN: 9781911028390


Developing Mindful Awareness
Taking Ownership
Understanding Personal Values
Managing Strong Emotions
Effective Questioning
Active Listening
Building Perseverance
Developing a Non-Judgemental Mindset
Developing Problem-solving Skills
Improving Confidence and Self-Esteem
Assertive Communication
Fostering Self-Care
Improving Self-Compassion
Changing Per
Improving Adaptability
Viewing Change as Opportunity
Increasing Pro-Activity
Personal Networking
Increasing Optimism
Increasing Empathy
Laughter and Humour
Extending Purpose and Meaning
Wellbeing Professionals at Work

Includes CD-ROM, handouts and PowerPoint slides


Laurel Alexander, founder of Wellness Professionals at Work, has been a complementary therapist, tutor and resilience coach for more than 20 years and is a Fellow of  the National Council of Psychotherapists. As the Director of Studies for Wellness Professionals at Work, she delivers the Diploma in Resilience Coaching and the Integrated Diploma in Resilience and Wellness Coaching to both the private and public sectors with great success
She has designed and delivered wellbeing courses for: Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, Sussex Hospital Trust, Career Services, WEA, University of Sussex, MIND, Sussex Down College, Brighton and Hove City College as well as social services.  Laurel has delivered wellness coach training to NHS nurses on behalf of the charity Turning Point as well as for Aintree University Hospital.

She has had over 30 books published including the well-received How to Incorporate Wellness Coaching into Your Therapeutic Practice (Jessica Kingsley).


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