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Free to be Me

Training pack

This course manual provides the guidance and resources needed to run an Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ‘Free to be Me’ course with individuals or groups, including clinical and non-clinical populations. It can be used therapeutically in any mental health and related setting, as well as in community and faith groups as a personal development course.



‘Free to be Me’  is a course manual providing the guidance and resources needed to run a course with individuals or groups based on a new model of CBT, Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (HCBT). Building on the standard CBT model, it can easily be used by those familiar with CBT.  Its ‘trans-diagnostic’, person-centred approach means that it can be used as part of the therapy offered in any mental health and related setting, and as a personal development course in faith and community groups. The course consists of 16 weekly sessions and comes with powerpoint slides, handouts and facilitator guidance, helping participants to develop an affirming view of themselves as unique individuals. The course offers standard CBT techniques alongside a wealth of other creative exercises to change the unhelpful thinking styles and behaviours that may hinder people from accessing their potential.  A companion book ‘Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy’ provides a theoretical overview of this approach and its applications.


Dr Hilary Garraway is an experienced consultant clinical psychologist with over thirty years of therapy experience in various settings. She is currently the Enfield Adult Psychology lead in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust. Previously, Hilary specialised in Early Intervention in Psychosis helping to establish the Barking and Dagenham team and then moving on to work in Waltham Forest and then Enfield EIS teams as well as having a successful private practice. Hilary has trained as an adult education teacher and is a BABCP accredited CBT therapist, trainer and supervisor. Hilary is an honorary lecturer with UCL, Kings College London and Hertfordshire University and teaches on spirituality and psychology, psychosis and CBT.  She is a trustee of the Whole Person Health Trust which seeks to promote a more holistic approach to medical care. She is trained as a spiritual director and has an interest in contemplative spirituality, as well as in creative and therapeutic writing.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication Date: End of June 2021

ISBN No: 978-1-914010-61-3


Chapter 1 Bridging the Gap

Chapter 2 How to run the ‘Free to be Me’ course

Session 1 What’s this all about?

Session 2 How do I feel?

Session 3 How do I think?

Session 4 Who am I?

Session 5 Where am I going?

Session 6 What do I do?

Session 7 How do I start to change?

Session 8 How can I think differently to feel better?

Session 9 How can I act differently to feel better?

Session 10 How much do I care for my body?

Session 11 How has my past affected me?

Session 12 What about others in my life?

Session 13 How does my environment affect my wellbeing?

Session 14 How do my beliefs affect my wellbeing?

Session 15 How do I find balance?

Session 16 How does all this fit together?


Mental health professionals, psychotherapists and others trained in CBT in the full range of mental health services. Those with knowledge of CBT and groupwork in non-clinical settings including faith leaders, chaplains, probation staff and those working in homelessness hostels, drug and alcohol services, recovery colleges, day centres and community groups.


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