John Hughes, Louis Rogers, Vanessa Reis Esteves

ETpedia Exams

Resource Book

500 ideas for preparing students for EFL exams

ETpedia Exams provides activities, tips and pointers for preparing students for EFL and ESL exams, whilst ensuring their general English continues to improve as well.



Are you are a teacher who has to write tests and exams from time to time? Or perhaps a published writer who needs to include exam practice or tests in your materials? ETpedia Exams reflects the fact that exams are becoming increasingly important. Most teachers will need to prepare students for them at some point in their teaching career.

One of the biggest challenges for teachers of exam classes is balancing exam preparation with the need to keep improving a student’s general level of English. ETpedia Exams provides both new and more experienced teachers with tips, activities and pointers to help. This will help you balance language practice for everyday life with the requirements of exams. It will also help you prepare students for any kind of EFL and ESL exam.

This resource includes a useful set of checklists that you can turn to when you’re in need of a few extra ideas – or looking for a quick alternative way to design a test or write a type of question.

Like every book in the ETpedia series, ETpedia Exams is divided into units of 10 tips, making it easy to dip into as needed, as well as read cover-to-cover. In addition, the Appendix at the end provides photocopiable materials. You can use these materials as they are, or adapt and develop them to suit your own context.


ETpedia Exams is suitable for ELT teachers of varying experience levels.

It is ideal for teachers who are just starting out and want to feel more confident preparing students for internal or external exams. It also provides inspiration for experienced teachers and teacher trainers with lots of new ideas and checklists to develop their skills.


ISBN: 978-1-911028-80-2
Publication: 22 February 2018
Content includes:

  • Preparing to teach exam classes
  • Exam skills
  • Preparing students for writing exams
  • Grammar and vocabulary exam preparation
  • Reading exam preparation
  • Listening exam preparation
  • Speaking exam preparation
  • Writing your own exams and further development
  • Photocopiable materials
  • Main ELT exams at a glance


The authors have prepared students for a wide range of English language exams including BEC, BULAC, Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency, IELTS, TOEFL and the Cambridge Young Learners exams. They have authored and co-authored numerous exam books.

Louis Rogers has also written English exams for university entry, and online tests and test CD-ROMs for major general English courses.

John Hughes is the series editor of ETpedia, author of the original ETpedia and co-author of ETpedia Business English and ETpedia Materials Writing.

Vanessa Reis Esteves, author of ETpedia Young Learners, has also contributed to the book.

Kindle edition

If you would like to get your copy immediately or save on postage costs, you can now buy a Kindle version of ETpedia Exams! You can also take a look inside before you buy. Kindle editions can be read on the Kindle app across most devices, including phones, tablets and computers, so you do not need a Kindle device to purchase a copy.

On the Kindle version, in the Appendix you will also find photocopiable handouts with additional classroom activities. These can be used exactly as they are, or adapted and developed to suit your own context. You will also find a link to a digital version of the handouts at the start of the Appendix section so you can download you own version or make print outs when you need them.


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