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ETpedia Teenagers

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500 ideas for teaching English to teenagers

ETpedia Teenagers provides 500 ideas for teaching English to teenagers, with practical activities and insights to help you understand, motivate and support your teenage students.



Whether you’re a new or experienced English language teacher, teenage students can pose unique challenges. They can also be one of the most rewarding groups to teach.

ETpedia Teenagers is packed with practical activities and insights to help you to understand and motivate students in this age group. Ideal for teachers of all experience levels, it contains 50 units of 10 points each, covering everything you need to know about teaching, managing and engaging teenage learners.

This seventh title in the best-selling ETpedia series draws upon author Edmund Dudley’s own extensive experience teaching English to teenagers. You will also find quotes from other experienced English language teachers, sharing their views, ideas and experience of teenage classes.

Content includes:

  • Preparation and planning tips for your teenage classes;
  • Insights into how to deal with some of the issues that teenagers have in the classroom;
  • Teen-friendly activities and topics to keep motivation levels high;
  • Activities and ideas to help teenagers develop their language awareness and skills.

You can view a sample chapter from ETpedia Teenagers here.

Each resource in the ETpedia series is full of practical advice and ideas, and divided into units of 10 on each topic with an Appendix full of additional photocopiable materials. Other titles include ETpedia Young Learners, ETpedia Exams and ETpedia Vocabulary.


ETpedia Teenagers is ideal for teachers of all experience levels. It provides support for those that are new to teaching teenagers, and offers inspiration for more experienced teachers and teacher trainers, with lots of new ideas and techniques to develop their skills.


ISBN: 9781911028444
Publication: 03 April 2018

  • Preparation and planning for different types of teenage classes
  • Understanding what motivates teenagers and what they value in their teachers
  • Dealing with behaviour problems and things to avoid when teaching teenagers
  • Classroom techniques to help you get the most out of your teenage classes
  • Helping teenagers develop language awareness and improve their skills
  • Additional topics and activities that really work with teenagers.


ETpedia Teenagers has been created by Edmund Dudley, a freelance trainer, materials writer and teacher living in Budapest. Ed teaches teenage students at PTE Babits Secondary School in Pécs, plus has learnt from the experience of having two daughters, one of whom is still a teenager.

Kindle edition

If you would like to get your copy immediately or save on postage costs, you can now buy a Kindle version of ETpedia Teenagers! You can also take a look inside before you buy. Kindle editions can be read on the Kindle app across most devices, including phones, tablets and computers, so you do not need a Kindle device to purchase a copy.

On the Kindle version, in the Appendix you will also find photocopiable handouts with additional classroom activities. These can be used exactly as they are, or adapted and developed to suit your own context. You will also find a link to a digital version of the handouts at the start of the Appendix section so you can download you own version or make print outs when you need them.


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