Nestor Kiourtzidis

Become an Online English Teacher


Essential tools, strategies and methodologies for building a successful business



Become an Online English Teacher offers new and experienced online teachers a fantastic range of practical information including:

  • online tools and applications
  • tactics for finding students online
  • actionable steps on how to set up a blog for your service
  • tested ways to promote your blog
  • recommended procedures for enrolling new students
  • efficient methods for processing online payments
  • practical lesson ideas and resources.

If you’ve been thinking about building your own online teaching business, this compact but insightful book will help you through the basics of what you need, from general set up through to marketing yourself as an online teacher of English.


Become an Online English Teacher is for teachers intending to establish their own online one-to-one tutoring service, as well as those currently teaching online.


ISBN: 9781910366776
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 15 June 2015. Reprinted 2020.

Chapters include:
Chapter 1: Tools of the trade
Chapter 2: Finding students
Chapter 3: Building a blog
Chapter 4: Promoting a blog
Chapter 5: Workflows
Chapter 6: Getting paid
Chapter 7: Ideas and resources


Nestor Kiourtzidis graduated from University College London with a Bachelor degree in Italian and Business Studies. He is the co-founder of the popular EFL/ESL website and is involved in creating lesson resources, designing the website’s blended learning system as well as developing the company’s marketing and business strategies. He is also a self-taught web enthusiast with over five years’ experience as a freelance online EFL teacher. During this time, he built and promoted a WordPress blog for his tuition service and developed his own online teaching aids. He has a passion for innovation in language learning and in particular enhancing traditional face-to-face learning with modern internet technology.


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