Wendy Hawksworth

Applying Values-based Practice for People Experiencing Psychosis

Training pack

A training pack and guide for inpatient settings

This resource teaches nurse educators, staff trainers and clinicians how to apply principles of a values-based practice framework to clinical situations.



In the environment of inpatient mental health units, a patient’s actions are often understood through reference to their illness; if they disagree with staff they lack insight or are aggressive, if they seek independence they are uncooperative and non-compliant, if they wish to be alone they are seen as withdrawn.

This contemporary and unique training course teaches workers within inpatient settings how to apply the principles of values-based practice when supporting people, especially those experiencing psychosis. Working from a values-based perspective supports workers in choosing clinical decisions that are dynamic and person-centred, with a focus on good processes rather than the ‘right way’ of providing care.

The training course will be valuable for all clinical staff who work with people whose perceptions of reality are different to what is considered socially acceptable. The course includes foundation information, exercises and practice scenarios and further references. Although focused on psychosis, it is equally relevant to any situation where value differences occur and cause conflict.

This pack provides all the information needed run to a training course according to your organisation’s particular needs, and includes detailed trainer’s notes and guidance, a range of useful handouts and a PowerPoint presentation, which are available to download online or on a CD-ROM. Also included is a copy of Applying Person-centred Care in Mental Health: A guide to values-based practice, which provides detailed analysis of the values-based principles and their relationship to evidence-based practice.

This training pack provides a much needed framework that is both supportive and flexible, enabling those who study its contents to progress in their learning and skills development, in both a flexible but gently guided manner. This pack builds on previous work by adding a practical and person-centred approach to an area of complex and multifaceted care, by both supporting the student through the learning process and ensuring there is a dynamic space given to the voice and the values of people experiencing psychosis.

Kim Woodbridge-Dodd, co-author of Whose Values with K.W.M. Fulford, specialist in mental health leadership, strategy and service transformation and former head of mental health, Cambridgeshire County Council.

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This training pack and guide will inform and benefit nurses and clinicians within in-patient units, undergraduate university students for supervision/clinical placement analysis.


ISBN: 9781910366967
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 04 July 2016
Content: Section 1: Introduction to VBP

Section 2: Reasons to include all values

Section 3: Creating a space for understanding psychosis

Section 4: Practice analysis – implementing skills of including all values in practice.


Wendy Hawksworth works as a nurse educator in Brisbane and has worked extensively with people with mental illness in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

She has wide experience in developing and delivering education and holds an MA in philosophy and psychiatry.


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