Adam Feinstein

Autism and the Law: Navigating a Legal Minefield

Written by a leading author and researcher on autism with contributions from an autistic legal expert, this definitive handbook provides guidance on the rights of autistic people and their families across the lifespan.

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This accessible guide to navigating all aspects of the law as an autistic person will offer helpful advice and useful resources, alongside an overview of the current research on the impact of being autistic from a legal standpoint.
Written by a leading author and researcher on autism with contributions from an autistic legal expert, this definitive handbook covers the legal rights of autistic children and adults and their families across the lifespan, offering guidance on accessing relevant services interspersed with significant case studies. Aimed at families, professionals and anyone interested in advocating the rights of autistic people, chapters will cover employment, the criminal justice system, bullying and harassment, sexuality, mis-medication and the rights of older autistic adults.


Parents with autistic children; health and social care professionals who work with autistic people; mental health professionals; students of these professions, autism studies, neurodiversity, psychology and sociology; teachers and SEND educators.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803883205

Publication Date: May 2024

Page count: 450


Foreword by Dame Stephanie Shirley


1: Pre-assessment, diagnosis and obtaining the appropriate initial services
2: Education and the law
3: Mental capacity in autistic children and adults, deprivation of liberty and the law
4: Social care and the law
5: Autism and employment law
6: Autism and the criminal justice system
7: Autistic individuals, family law and the civil justice system
8: Other vulnerabilities in autistic adults and the law
9: Mis-medication, malpractice, quack ‘cures’ and the MMR
10: Autism in older people
11: Broader legislation



Adam Feinstein is an acclaimed British author, he has an autistic son and has written widely on autism. In 1998 he founded an international autism magazine ‘Looking Up’. Aimed at parents and professionals, it is a lively and informative mix of the latest findings in autism research from around the world. Feinstein has given numerous lectures on autism, Neruda and cinema around the world, including Mexico, Argentina, Chile, USA, Russia, China, India, Spain, Italy and Germany. He broadcasts regularly for the BBC and writes for the Guardian, the Observer, the Financial Times, the Times Literary Supplement and the New Statesman.


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