Helen Smart, Mike Titterton

Assessment and Management of Risk in Child Care and Child Protection

Training pack

A training pack

A course for those involved in the training of child welfare practitioners who face risks in their daily work in health, housing, or social services.



Assessment and Management of Risk in Child Care and Child Protection guides staff through the risk assessment and management process related to child care and child protection.

The most pressing concern a professional faces when working with vulnerable children is making decisions concerning risk. The theory behind this training contests the negative understandings of risk found in professional practice, policy and research, and proposes positive concepts that embrace risk enablement. It seeks to promote principles based on the rights of people at risk of harm to make choices about risk and risk taking.

This essential training resource is a step-by-step guide to delivering a risk assessment and management programme for children. Assessment and Management of Risk in Child Care and Child Protection comprises four modules and each is based on a specific stage of the risk assessment and management process. The modules are broken down into easily manageable training sessions which include case studies, exercises and handouts to support the presentation material and training notes.

The pack contains:
CD-Rom containing trainer’s notes, handouts, ringbinder with colour laminated dividers.



Trainers of welfare practitioners, managers and practitioners working in the statutory and independent sectors of welfare. It can also be used in conjunction with service users and informal carers, as participants of the training course.


ISBN: 9781908066565
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 September 2011
Module 1: Positive risk taking
Module 2: Risk assessment
Module 3: Risk management
Module 4: Putting it all together


Mike Titterton is the director of HALE (Health and Life for Everyone), a charitable social enterprise that assists children and adults at risk of harm in the UK and overseas, especially in disadvantaged countries. He has worked on health, social care and educational initiatives in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as working for government, social work, the NHS and third sector agencies in Scotland. He has taught and undertaken research at three universities in the UK. His PhD was on the topic of risk and resilience in socially excluded groups.


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