Mary Walsh, Neil Thompson

Childhood Trauma and Recovery


A child-centred approach to healing early years abuse



Childhood Trauma and Recovery

Childhood Trauma and Recovery presents best practice in helping children affected by early life sexual abuse to recover and lead healthy lives. At its heart is the SACCS approach, pioneered by Mary Walsh, which was developed to provide such children with specialist care and treatment. By creating recovery teams that cross over traditional boundaries to put the child at the centre of all activity, the approach enables young people to replace unhealthy ways of thinking with stronger, more appropriate cause-effect mechanisms.

Drawing on decades of experience with thousands of young people, the authors challenge the view that simply placing traumatised young people in safe, loving environments will be sufficient for them to recover. They expose the challenges of caring for children who may be highly sexualised by abuse then show how, by ensuring that these children feel safe and trusted and learning to communicate with them effectively, practitioners can begin a process of actively helping them to heal.



ISBN: 9781912755554

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication date: September 2019



Mary Walsh, Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma, UK, and Neil Thompson, Avenue Consulting, UK


Find out more about Childhood Trauma and Recovery in this video interview with co-author, Dr Neil Thompson.


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