Peter Jenkins

Children’s Rights and Counselling


A participative exercise to introduce the issues around children and young people’s rights in England and Wales and their access to counselling

A training exercise exploring children’s rights to counselling, current law, types of children’s rights and power issues relating to them.



Children’s Rights and Counselling introduces key ideas about the rights of children and young people to access counselling in a range of settings. It identifies key rights held by children and young people in England and Wales to confidentiality and to access therapy alongside court proceedings. It links these rights to crucial ethical values and principles held by therapists, such as respect for client welfare, participation and autonomy.

This training pack equips a group facilitator to lead sessions in:

  • Types of children’s rights to counselling
  • Power issues in relation to children’s rights to counselling
  • The historical development of children’s rights to counselling
  • Current law on children’s rights to counselling.

Children’s Rights and Counselling can be used as a stand-alone training resource, or can follow on with preparatory training for participants on children’s rights, delivered using Exploring Children’s Rights. The latter covers important developments such as the Children Act (1989), the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) (1989) and the Human Rights Act (1998).

The training offers two versions of the exercise: a group activity version (runs for 1 hour 30mins) and an individual/pair activity (1 hour 30 mins).

The training will be of interest to anyone who wishes to introduce the complex issue of children’s rights and access to counselling in an informative and challenging way. It is particularly relevant to teachers and trainers in the fields of education, health, social work, counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology, but is designed for use by anyone who works with children and young people and those with a real concern for promoting their rights, particularly with regard to counselling.



Trainers, counsellors and therapists, health care professionals, social care staff, teachers, all those working with children and young people.


ISBN: 9781908993403
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 27 March 2013

  • Part 1: How to use this pack
  • Part 2: How to use the counselling rights cards
  • Part 3: Background information
  • Part 4: Resources and references
  • Part 5: Appendices


Peter Jenkins is a lecturer in counselling at Manchester University. Peter has been running training workshops on children’s rights for 20 years. He has a particular interest in the rights of children and young people to confidential counselling.


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