Timothy Forester-Morgan, Sarah Mould

The Dementia Care Training Library: Starter Pack

Training pack

A complete resource for developing person-centred skills and approaches – Starter Pack

The Dementia Care Training Library is an important new project designed to provide authoritative training materials across a wide range of dementia-specific topics



The Dementia Care Training Library: Starter Pack – A Complete Resource for Developing Person-Centred Skills and Approaches is an encyclopedia on dementia care. The Starter Pack is a ring binder, containing 3 core modules on the lived experience of dementia and dealing with behaviour that challenges in person-centred ways.

The Dementia Care Training Library enables professionals working in relevant care services to deliver in-house training. The Starter Pack is expandable, and over time more modules will be available. All modules and content is  mapped to the most recent Department of Health Dementia Standards Training Framework.

The training materials take an Action Learning approach. This means a balance of information and practice-based activities. It allows learners to reflect on and apply new knowledge in real time as a team, which in turn leads to improved practice in care.


Tim Forester Morgan is co-founder and Director of the Dementia Training Company. The company offers a range of programmes to equip people with the skills they need to enable individuals with dementia to live well. Tim has previously been responsible for the delivery and management of a wide range of consultation services for care settings requiring guidance on therapeutic environments for people with dementia. He is an NVQ/QCF Assessor and has been a Dementia Care Mapper since 2001.

Sarah Mould is Specialist Practitioner for Dementia at University Hospital Southampton. She qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1991 and has clinical and managerial experience in Older People’s Mental Health Services. Sarah has an MSc in Dementia Studies and has been a Director of Training for a specialist dementia organisation. In 2011, she co-founded the Dementia Training Company where she remained as Tim’s co-Director until 2019.


ISBN: 9781912755530

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication date: July 2021



Module 1:


1: Definitions, prevalence and risk factors

Module 2:


1: The individual lived experience of dementia

2: Signs, symptoms & identification of dementia

3: The assessment and diagnosis of dementia

4: Dementia risk reduction and prevention

Appendices and Worksheets

References and Further Reading

Module 3:


1: Communication with people with dementia

2: Positive interactions with people with dementia

3: Supporting people to live well with dementia

4: Rethinking behaviours viewed as challenging

Appendices and Worksheets

References and Further Reading


Managers or providers of health and social care services, frontline social care workers, workforce development managers, family carers of people with dementia.


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