Liz Day, Elisabeth Heismann, Julia Jude

Non-violent Resistance Innovations in Practice


A handbook for anyone working with carers and parents of children and young people who show violent or challenging behaviours

Non-violent Resistance Innovations in Practice is a handbook on NVR training.



This multi-contributor, multi-faceted book takes a comprehensive look at Non-violent Resistance (NVR) and New Authority techniques from theory through to practice. The views and experiences of academics and front-line practitioners are interlinked throughout to provide professionals with an in-depth look into the past, present and future of NVR and its related approaches. The book will benefit professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and practice, academics and students in related fields.

Connection, participation, collaboration and reflecting on practice are all key elements of the NVR approach. This is mirrored in the wide range of specialist contributors; included are established authors, scholars from around the world, key academics, as well as parents, practitioners and first-time writers. Many voices that offer alternative views are brought together to generate creative practices, learning and development.

‘[Non-violent Resistance Innovations in Practice] is full of condensed information, of operating and hands-on-experiences written by specialists. Some of them belong to the first generation of experts who in close cooperation with the founder helped bringing the new concepts to life in so many practical fields. You, as a reader, can accompany the authors in the trips down memory lane that they went with their clients, the journeys of change that they initiated and experienced, and you can reflect on the different fields of action. Retracing all these stories will help you to find your very own way of applying the basic ideas of non-violence to your particular field of practice… I wish you a challenging and enriching experience in reading this valuable book.’Arist Von Schlippe


Anyone working with the parents and carers of children and adolescents with challenging and violent behaviours. This book will be of interest to social workers, CAMHS workers, workers in youth offending services, looked-after children’s services, fostering agencies faith organisations and community and voluntary organisations.


ISBN: 9781912755080
Publication: 7 March 2019
The 21 chapters in this extensive handbook are grouped into five sections, with case examples from authors’ own practice throughout:

  • Part 1 – Emerging themes
  • Part 2 – Working for a better future
  • Part 3 – Working with difference
  • Part 4 – Working with groups
  • Part 5 – Working in and with schools


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