Clark Baim, Tony Morrison

Attachment-based Practice with Adults: Understanding strategies and promoting positive change, 2nd edition

New edition of a bestselling guide to understanding and responding to troubled adults, building on attachment theory and a series of case studies to create an integrative, safe and effective approach to relating to individuals and enabling positive change.



Attachment theory has become central to understanding not only childhood development and how people survive and grow, but also the capacity of partners, parents and carers to offer safe and consistent care.

Updating a bestselling guide, Attachment-based Practice with Adults, Second Edition integrates attachment theory with other concepts to explore how we can understand and respond to troubled adults. By integrating audio, visual and written information around five characters and their stories, the guide shows how to make sense of, talk with and relate to individuals whose past relationships have caused them difficulties.

The Second Edition also includes Attachment-based Practice with Adults: The interviewing guide, previously part of the manual but now included as a separate publication and also available to purchase separately.


Practitioners, teams, trainers and supervisors working with adults across a diverse range of disciplines including psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, social work, nursing, youth work, criminal justice, family support work, adoption and fostering, midwifery, family nursing, teaching and education.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
ISBN: 9781803882079
Publication: July 2023


Preface to the Second Edition
Foreword by David Howe
Introduction and How to Use This Guide

Part One: Attachment Theory, Memory Systems, Discourse and the Learn Model

1. Introducing attachment theory;
2. Memory systems, integration and discourse;
3. The LEARN model for promoting narrative integration

Part Two: Putting Attachment Theory to Work – Five Case Studies, with Guided Practice Exercises

Introduction to Part Two;
4. Beth and the reorganising ‘B’ strategy;
5. Anne and the concerning ‘A’ strategy;
6. Adam and the endangering ‘A’ strategy;
7. Calum and the concerning ‘C’ strategy;
8. Christy and the endangering ‘C’ strategy

Part Three: Integrating Attachment-Informed Practice

Introduction to Part Three;
9. Principles and tools for assessment, formulation and treatment;
10. Supporting, supervising and sustaining practitioners using the attachment-based approach (co-written with Bridget Rothwell)


Clark Baim is a psychotherapist, supervisor, group leader and consultant. He is President of the British Psychodrama Association, and he is also on the faculty of the Family Relations Institute. He is lead author of the book Attachment-based Practice with Children, Adolescents and Families (Pavilion, 2022).

Tony Morrison was a leading figure in social care, particularly respected for his work on supervision, interdisciplinary collaboration and staff development. He was the first chair of the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers and was made an MBE in 1998. His book Staff Supervision in Social Care (Pavilion, 3e 2006) has become the standard text on the subject.


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