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Just Read! Teachers Manual


Just Read! is a reading education system that supports and teaches students wherever they are in their reading journey.



Just Read! is a reading education system that supports and teaches students wherever they are in their reading journey. It offers fluency practice from letter recognition and phonological awareness all the way to reading comprehension, allowing educators to briefly assess a student and begin work exactly where they are. Based on a Multi-sensory Structured Language Education (MSLE) approach to literacy acquisition, the system provides structured and sequential instruction in reading, and each aspect is based on current research and practice. After introductory material and a screening assessment tool, the Teacher’s Manual is in three parts. ‘Decoding Plus!’ contains a range of drills and passages at five levels so teaching can be tailored to students, while ‘Fluency Plus!’ and ‘Comprehension Plus!’ each offer fifteen stories designed to build concepts and skills in a cumulative way. The accompanying Student Workbook contains parent-friendly blank versions of the exercises for a student to complete.


JENN CLARK is a Certified Orton Gillingham Practitioner, an MSLE Instructor and a qualified primary school teacher. She holds a BA in Education, a TESOL Diploma, a Family Literacy Certificate and a Trainers Certificate in Adult Education. She has extensive experience teaching students with language-based learning difficulties and has spent several years training teachers in an MSLE approach.


MICHELLE MCINTOSH is a Certified Orton Gillingham Practitioner and Supervising Mentor. She earned her Associate Teaching Certificate via Trinity College London. Michelle has an interest in the social and emotional aspects of living with language-based learning difficulties. She has received a Co-Active Life Coaching certificate and has completed a Mindfulness Educator course.


ISBN: 978-1-913414-62-7
Publication: March 2022

Table of Contents


Notes on reading fluency

System central

How to use Just Read!

Reading fluency screener


Decoding Plus!

Where to begin – Rapid letter naming – Rapid sound identification – Phoneme to phoneme blending – Pseudo-word (CVC) reading – Real word (CVC) reading – Blending exercises – Fluency passages


Fluency Plus!

Where to begin – The Quiz – The Lost Quilt – Seth’s Trip on a Ship – At the Pond – Stash the Cash – The Back Lane – Mad Ants – Class Tricks – Jay’s Fishing Trip – Herb the Hermit Crab – Anne Bonny – The RMS Titanic – The Origin of Castles – Haichi – The Lost City of Atlantis


Comprehension Plus!

Where to begin – Video Games – Viola Desmond – Gum! – Brain Signals, Body Screens and Brain Implants! – The Amazing Wayne Gretzky – Terry’s Marathon Journey – The Story of Bill Reid – Your Amazing Brain – How Dogs Communicate – Learning Disability or Super Power? – Edinburgh Castle – The Truth About Pirates – The Guinness Book of World Records – Black Holes


Photocopiable Black Line Masters


  1. Dr Jennie Guise | Chartered Psychologist | DysGuise

    “Just Read! is an absolute gem of a resource, whichever way you look at it.”

    Educators will be assured that this reading instruction system has been carefully designed and honed by professionals with years of experience in teaching and supporting reading, and that the techniques are firmly based on research evidence. It’s an intuitive system. There is a logical and systematic programme of exercises to give fluency practice in letter recognition, phonological awareness, and word recognition. These are embedded and consolidated in stories for reading. Comprehension gets better as fluency improves.

    Screening tests allow you to establish exactly where each learner should start. The exercises are clearly explained and organised. Sheets can be photocopied or obtained from the publisher’s website (where you will also find an introduction film). Readers will find that the system is enjoyable, and manageable. Sessions are short. Passages are interesting and varied. Students can play an active role. They are asked about their reading goals, and they can see their progress as it is noted on their score sheets.

    There are other aspects of the system that stand out for me, as a Practitioner Psychologist carrying out assessments for people with learning difficulties. First, I cannot stress enough the importance of fluency in comprehension. I often see people who have improved their skills in word reading and decoding, but who have real problems in understanding text, because it is not being processed quickly enough. Too much cognitive effort is still being put into that word-reading level. Try reading a piece of text out slowly. No matter how accurately you sound out the words, you will find that you can’t take in the content. This can make reading demoralising, tiring, and boring.

    The Just Read! system helps and supports readers to get beyond this point, and that is crucial. They gain confidence, and with this comes an improvement in self-esteem. The experience of success can be drawn on as readers continue through their education, becoming independent learners.

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