Carrie Anne Smith, Dr Pat Frankish

Trauma and Dissociation


Understanding Early Trauma, Mind Programming and Installed Dissociative Identity Disorder

Joining expert knowledge about trauma, mind programming and dissociation from both lived experience and the perspective of a therapist, this book is designed to help people living with a dissociative disorder as well as carers supporting them and helping to aid their recovery.



This important book joins expert knowledge about trauma, mind programming and dissociation to tell a deeply personal story of survival, and to provide training and therapeutic approaches to people living with installed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and those who support them.


Dissociation allows one or more aspects of an experience to be stored in the brain separately. This can occur to prevent a person being overwhelmed when an event is perceived as too traumatising. Sadly, some individuals and groups seek to exploit this phenomenon by using mind programming techniques to forcibly install dissociation at the expense of others. With a focus on the use of systemic mind programming in the context of cults and the associated trauma of this ritualistic abuse, Trauma and Dissociation provides an overview of the origins of dissociation, its links to mind programming and the history that underpins the importance of understanding early trauma and trauma-informed care. With a foreword and chapter by Valerie Sinason, a renowned expert in the field of dissociation, the last two sections focus on personal survival stories, a journey through therapy from an expert by experience, theories of attachment and early trauma and established training approaches for support staff. The book aims to inform and empower survivors and those who support them, such as a carer, family member or mental health professional, and aid the journey towards the understanding and tolerance of a complex psychological condition.


PAT FRANKISH is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with many years of experience in the field of trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder. She provides expert psychological services as well as direct support for very distressed individuals in supported living environments. She is a past President of the British Psychological Society and continues to speak publicly and provide training for staff working at all levels of security and community provisions.

CARRIE ANNE SMITH is a survivor and has experienced a very complex and complete form of mind control and programming. They are a system rather than an individual, and are now able to share what they have learned through therapy and safe living.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

Publication Date: Jan 2023

ISBN: 9781803882031



Foreword – Valerie Sinason

Section 1: Setting the scene

  1. Attachment and early trauma
  2. Dissociation and mind control
  3. The origins of DID, organised ritual abuse and installed DID

Section 2: The lived experience

  1. Mind control methods: an understanding of what happened to us
  2. The complexities of a DID system: experiencing forced dissociation
  3. A voice from inside
  4. Therapy from the inside
  5. Working with support staff

Section 3: Therapeutic Approaches

  1. Attachment and trauma-informed care in the therapy of dissociative individuals
  2. Resilience through the complexity: a therapist’s perspective
  3. Training for support staff


  1. Facing the future: how services can evolve

Afterword: There is a future! A voice of hope


  1. Deborah Briggs, Chairperson of the Paracelsus Trust, Therapist specialised in trauma and sexual abuse

    This book is from a most eminent British Therapist whose commitment, honesty and integrity are inspirational. Her very brave co-writer Carrie Anne and all the alters deserve our collective gratitude in sharing about their experiences of these unbelievable heinous crimes and consequences. They explain that while all DID, Mind Control and Ritual Abuse survivors are unique, some common threads do exist. And while it shows how attempting to remove mind control is neither helpful nor possible, the journey is one of hope.

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