Gerhard Erasmus, John Hughes

ETpedia Pronunciation

Resource Book

500 ideas and activities for teaching pronunciation

ETpedia Pronunciation is a one-stop resource for teaching English language pronunciation both in the classroom and online, full of practical ideas, inspiration, tips, and classroom activities. Following the same format as the other books in the ETpedia series, it provides all the key terms and techniques in easy-to-understand terms, and equips teachers with a huge range of creative ideas and activities for pronunciation lessons which they can dip into at any time.



ETpedia Pronunciation is the go-to book for teaching pronunciation. It provides all the key terms and techniques in easy-to-understand terms, and equips teachers with a huge range of creative ideas and activities for pronunciation lessons, whether they are being conducted in the classroom or online. Whether you are a newly qualified teacher looking for a one-stop resource or a more experienced teacher looking to expand your skills and integrate pronunciation more actively into their lessons, ETpedia Pronunciation offers 500 tips and ideas to help! With the dramatic rise in live online teaching, the book also includes a special feature on how to teach pronunciation online and make maximum use of the technology available.

Organised into 50 units each containing 10 ideas, this spiral-bound book is easy to dip in and out of. It will save you planning time, provide inspiration, and help you motivate students. It will even anticipate problems students might have with different aspects of pronunciation. Each unit provides you with 10 tips, ideas or activities related to theory and practice in the classroom as well as suggestions for homework and self-study tasks. In the Appendix you will also find photocopiable handouts with additional classroom activities. These can be used exactly as they are, or adapted and developed to suit your own context. Throughout the book you will also find quotes from experienced teachers, sharing their views, ideas and experiences on teaching pronunciation.

Inside, you’ll find sections focusing on different areas such as:

  • the basic pronunciation toolkit
  • knowledge and practical activities
  • integrating pronunciation into lessons effectively
  • online teaching and technology

“The key strengths of Hughes and Erasmus’s publication are giving teachers an accessible overview of the theory, methodology and main questions regarding pronunciation: showing how to approach pronunciation to develop students’ receptive (listening) and productive (speaking) skills; offering a wide range of activities on core pronunciation features such as word stress, sentence stress, individual sounds, connected speech and intonation; and having teachers reflect on their teaching.” – Ana P Biazon Rocha, Modern English Teacher (32.3, May/June 2023).

“I’ve benefitted tremendously from the refresher course I felt like I received from reading through ETpedia Pronunciation. It was able to remind me of a few activities I hadn’t used in a while and also introduced a lot of new ones, whilst also enabling me to take a load off my planning and preparation plate with the photocopiable resources in the appendix. Whether just starting out and learning more about pronunciation and phonology, or if in need of a few tips to freshen up the toolkit, teachers at any stage of their career will find ETpedia Pronunciation to be an excellent resource.” – Jonathan Yates, English Australia Journal (39.2, September 2023).

The ETpedia series

The ETpedia series is a collection of resources for English language teachers, offering thousands of tips, ideas, and practical activities. Each title offers 500 ideas on a particular topic, which teachers can dip in and out of as needed to find practical ideas and advice to take straight into the classroom. ETpedia Pronunciation is the twelfth title in the series, and particularly complements ETpedia Vocabulary and ETpedia Grammar


Any busy teacher who needs to be able to find tried and tested ideas. These could be teachers at entry level, perhaps who are taking a course such as a CELTA or Cert TESOL, or who are in the first couple of years of their teaching, or even those who have more experience but are looking for fresh ideas and/or a quick reference. It is also ideal for teacher trainers who like the list format to help support preparation of training sessions on different topics.


Between them, Gerhard Erasmus and John Hughes have many years’ experience of teaching and teacher training.

Gerhard …
1 … has been living in Taiwan since 2003 and is married with 3 kids.
2 … trains on the Cambridge DELTA, Trinity Diploma, and Trinity TYLEC and is keen on seeing innovative ways of dealing with and practicing pronunciation in the classroom.
3 … worked as a professional magician during his university years and still occasionally incorporates magic into training and teaching. He was 3rd in the Taiwan close up magic championships in 2006, but has since given up on all the practice required.
4 … enjoys writing and presenting, but enjoys few things more than sitting down with a teacher and doing one on one development work
5 … loves nothing more than walking his dog at night as it gives him time to think, reflect, and plan – although not always as effectively as he hopes.

John …
6 … remembers teaching his very first English pronunciation lesson in Poland in 1993. He taught word stress – very nervously!
7 … wrote the very first ETpedia resource book for teachers in 2014 and is the series editor for the many ETpedia titles which have followed.
8 … has trained teachers from all over the world and prepared many teachers for the Trinity DipTESOL qualification with its phonology interview.
9 … is a course book author and he has written over 50 published titles for students and teachers.
10 … has an author site at and a You Tube channel at


ISBN: 978-1-914010-87-3
Publication date (subject to change): November 2022

Getting started
The basic toolkit
Knowledge and practical activities
Integrating pronunciation
Online teaching and technology
Materials writing and further development


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