Mary Spratt and Felicity O'Dell

In Other Words

Student's Book

Comprehensive grammar practice for B2–C1 English language learners

In Other Words is an easy to use grammar practice book tied to real-life English that can be used by students looking for self-study and teachers needing supplementary material alike. It provides useful context, practical activities, key questions to consider, and accompanying online listening materials for B2 and C1 English language learners, to help them consolidate grammatical points, convert them from knowledge into use and use them to develop flexibility of expression.


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In Other Words: Comprehensive grammar practice for B2–C1 English language learners offers both students and teachers easy-to-use and contextualised practical activities tied to real-life English, alongside accompanying online listening materials, as both self-study material and supplementary material for the classroom (whether face to face or online). It provides opportunities for learners to practise key grammar areas through noticing and communicative activities. This will enable them to become more able and confident in their use of a wide range of grammatical areas and the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In Other Words offers a variety of practical grammar activities focusing both on form and how the grammar point is used in context communicatively. It also provides communicative and exam practice in key areas of grammar. As learners progress through the book, they may notice how it changes focus from core structures to features of register. Throughout, it encourages self-discovery. It will enable learners to consolidate grammatical points, convert them from knowledge into use and use them to develop flexibility of expression.

Divided into 70 double-page spread lessons, each with a single grammar focus, In Other Words allows the reader/learner to take a dip in approach. This allows all users to orient themselves quickly in the materials. The short but effective format of each lesson means they can fit in well within the time constraints of lessons, and work alongside any learners’ course of study.

By using In Other Words, learners will become more:
  • Confident in the use of common grammatical areas, building on consolidated practice in both closed-ended and communicative activities,
  • Able to use language more flexibly – a key distinguishing feature of learners at this level
  • Motivated to focus on typical B2–C1 grammar through relevant and interactive activities,
  • Familiar with common exam tasks, and the role grammar plays in the performance of them.

In addition, teachers can employ activities not tied to specific coursebooks which provide additional/alternative practice of grammar areas.


In Other Words is:

  • a book for anyone learning English to be used in class by teachers and students working at B2 and C1 levels, aged 14 onwards, possibly working towards FCE, CAE, IELTS, PTE academic or APTIS B1-C2, around the world, whether they are in state schools, private language schools or colleges. It provides teachers with supplementary materials to be used in class (both in classrooms and online) and classroom tips for teachers are provided where necessary.
  • a book that can be used for self-study by B2 and C1 learners in UK and internationally, aged 14 onwards, whether they are potential international exam candidates or studying general English. Suggestions for self-study use are provided where applicable.


Dr Felicity O’Dell has extensive experience in English language teaching, teacher training and assessment. Working on a freelance basis, she now consults for exam boards and publishers and writes for the exam boards, including Cambridge Assessment, Pearson and Oxford University Press. She also regularly presents at UK and international conferences. Felicity is the author/co-author of over 40 EFL course books and teacher resource books, including In Other Words (Pavilion Publishing, 2022) and several titles in the Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use series (with Michael McCarthy).

Mary Spratt taught EFL in Cyprus, Algeria, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Hong Kong and has extensive experience in teacher training, teacher development and assessment. She worked at the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate for five years on the production of exams, including IELTS and the revision of FCE. Mary now works as a freelance ELT writer and consultant, publishing several research papers. She has also written many EFL course books and supplementary materials, including co-authoring In Other Words.


ISBN: 978-1-80388-031-0
Expected publication date (this may be subject to change): Autumn 2023
Self-study guide and teacher’s notes
B2 lessons:

  • Patterns with nouns and pronouns
  • Verb forms
  • Patterns with verbs
  • Sentence structures
  • Modals
  • Patterns with adjectives and adverbs
  • Revision

C1 lessons:

  • Verb forms
  • Sentence structure
  • Spoken English
  • Formal writing
  • On our own (miscellaneous)
  • Revision

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