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Cartoons on teaching English and the language-learning classroom

Welcome to Langwich Scool! First introduced in October 1999 in Issue 13 of English Teaching professional, Jon Marks has entertained us since then with his wry commentary on the state of English language teaching with his Langwich Scool strip cartoon. Before the Director of Studies (DoS) of Langwich Scool switches off the lights and locks the front door for the final time, we’ve put all the fantastic cartoons together, with some of them in colour for the first time, plus added a few new ones in to bring us up to date.



Welcome to Langwich Scool!

Take a walk through Langwich Scool, which first opened its doors in 1999, in Issue 13 of English Teaching professional. You will discover familiar language teaching scenarios, incidents with students, conversations in the staffroom, trials with professional development, and a whole lot more besides… Topics covered also include teaching children, teenagers and adults and some of the challenges each of these pose. With a healthy dose of wry humour, Jon Marks lifts the lid on the goings on through his cartoon strips. You can see them here all in colour for the first time, alongside some new, unseen till now, cartoons designed to bring the school bang up to date and through the time of the pandemic, and to make anyone in the teaching business laugh out loud!

Whether you fondly remember Langwich School from ETp or it is totally new to you, if you are looking for a wry, humorous commentary on the state of English language teaching, the challenges teachers face and typical learning environments then this is the book for you. It is a simple pick up and flick through cartoon book, for you to dip in to. Perfect as a present or as a treat for yourself, we welcome you to Langwich Scool!




ISBN: 978-1-80388-004-4
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication: March 2022


  1. Language teachers
  2. Methodology
  3. The English language
  4. Teaching kids
  5. Teaching teens
  6. Teaching adults
  7. Teaching trends


Jon Marks began his teaching career in 1988 in a private language school in a little-known town in northern Spain. Since then, his choice of career has taken him to many fascinating places and allowed to meet many equally fascinating people.


Having had an interest in creating his own teaching materials from the start, in the late 1990s he began writing (and occasionally illustrating) for ELT publishers. That eventually led to becoming a full-time materials writer and authoring and co-authoring a wide variety of publications. He is currently a member of the writing team for Green Line, a major course for state secondary education in Germany. Other recent work includes a project to develop English language teaching in state education in Bangladesh and a project for improving girls’ access to education in Zimbabwe. More details can be found on his website:


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