Chris Roland

Taking Your Language Teaching of Teenagers to the Next Level

Advanced techniques and evidence-based guidance to make lessons more motivating and productive

This in-depth and creative title provides imaginative, productive and advanced teaching techniques to help teachers of teenagers take it up to the next level.


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Teaching teenagers offers a range of challenges, but also comes with exciting and rewarding opportunities for both teachers and students. Taking Your Language Teaching of Teenagers to the Next Level explores what it is like to be a teacher of teenagers, delving into the teenage brain to help you get the most out of teenage learners and improve learning outcomes.

It provides creative and advanced teaching techniques, alongside meaningful discussion, accompanying images and practical applications, to help teachers take their teaching practice to the next level. It offers detailed and honest analysis that explores the challenges and opportunities teaching teenagers offers. Questions and challenges are posed throughout to encourage teachers to reflect on their teaching practice and review the evidence.

After having worked through the book and the suggested tasks in it, teachers will be better able to:

  • gauge and manage their own reactions to groups of teenage learners;
  • focus on the language their learners are producing and help them develop it;
  • negotiate desirable codes of behaviour with their students;
  • teach effectively in the face of resistance;
  • allow their teenage students the right sort of freedoms and autonomy;
  • implement a wide range of ‘next-level’ techniques and activities;
  • help prepare their learners for exams;
  • teach their learners how to write successfully across a number of genres.

Taking Your Language Teaching of Teenagers to the Next Level is part of the Teaching English series. Chris Roland is also the author of Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom and Structuring Fun for Young Learners in the ELT Classroom,as well as the accompanying online titles. Both these titles offer practical ideas and accessible methodology for teaching teenagers and young learners. Taking Your Language Teaching of Teenagers to the Next Level offers more advanced analysis, ideas and tools to help you get the most out of your teenage learners.


The book is suitable for:

  • ELT teachers who teach teenagers and want to take their teaching to the next level;
  • Experienced ELT teachers of young learners/adults who are asked to teach teenagers for the first time;
  • Teacher educators and teacher trainers who deliver training on teaching English to teenagers;
  • Anyone who has previously purchased one of Chris’ books and wants to move to the next level.


Chris Roland is a teacher, trainer and ELT author based in Seville. Whether for primary, teenage or adult teaching, online or offline, his interests are in improving teacher-learner dialogue, making classes happier spaces and lessons more productive as language learning events.


ISBN: 978-1-80388-344-1

Pages: Approx 400 pages

Expected publication date (this may be subject to change): August/September 2024



  1. What makes groups of teens annoying to adults?
  2. How do teens learn English in class?
  3. Do we need good behaviour?
  4. How can we teach in the face of resistance?
  5. How free can our teenagers be?
  6. What activities work well with teens?
  7. How can we take the terror out of exams?
  8. Does writing have to be boring?



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