Danny Norrington-Davies

Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons


Practical ideas and advice for working with grammar in the language classroom

An alternative approach to teaching grammar in the language classroom.



Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons outlines an alternative approach to teaching grammar in the language classroom. Rather than just considering the standard rules of grammar, it explores what speakers and writers of English actually do with grammar. It then considers how students can be guided to discover what those speakers and writers mean.

This book offers you lesson materials, systematic lesson procedures, and discovery techniques. It also explores replication activities that you can incorporate into a syllabus and use as demonstration lessons.

Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons aims to:

  • help teachers to develop their knowledge of grammar
  • provide a source of grammar lessons
  • instigate new ways of planning and organising lessons.



‘From Rules to Reasons is an invaluable resource for teachers and teacher educators interested in the perennial question of how best to work with grammar in the English language classroom. It engages the reader with a critical perspective on traditional approaches to teaching grammar, and provides an original, ingenious alternative, based on the author’s extensive experience both as a teacher and teacher educator.’
Jason Anderson, teacher educator, bestselling author and consultant

You can read Jason’s full review here.


‘Danny Norrington-Davies has produced a work that rightfully sits alongside the best of the ‘how to’ volumes on teaching grammar and provides a creative alternative to traditional methods of grammar presentation in the English language classroom.’
David Curtin, published in English Australia Journal

You can read David’s full review here.


‘This book is a well-written, insightful introduction to the teaching of pedagogical grammar and its strong practical focus will be welcomed by teachers, both novice and experienced.’
Scott Thornbury, ELT teacher educator and methodology writer

Scott’s full review is available here.


Teaching Grammar: from Rules to Reasons has been written for language teachers, both inexperienced (0-5 years classroom experience, post-training and pre-diploma) and experienced (5 years plus or planning to take a diploma or do an MA in TESOL).

This book would benefit teachers who work with adults and young adults (aged been 16-18) and for teachers working on general English courses, EAP courses, ESP courses and those teaching English through other subjects.


ISBN: 9781911028222
Publication: 16 December 2016

Section 1

  1. Why focus on grammar in the language classroom?
  2. The use of grammar rules
  3. From rules to reasons

Section 2

  1. Teaching resources
  2. Creating your own resources

Section 3

  1. Teacher’s notes
  2. Bibliography


Danny Norrington-Davies is a teacher and teacher trainer. He began teaching in 1993 in Botswana and now works for International House and King’s College in London.

As a language teacher, his interests are grammar, materials development, emerging language, critical thinking and visualisation, and he is a member of the C Group, an independent and informal grouping of ELT professionals which aims collaboratively to share information, promote reflection and inquiry, and encourage action through more creative teaching practices.

Danny also enjoys attending and speaking at conferences and has published articles for The Teacher Trainer, Folio and HLT magazine. This is his first book.

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