Dr Pat Frankish

Understanding the Impact of Trauma: Identifying Care and Therapeutic Interventions

This title follows the success of the FAIT, an assessment tool for determining the level of emotional development in individuals with intellectual disabilities, and explores the usefulness of applying this model more broadly to anyone who has experienced trauma.



Since its publication in 2019, the FAIT has begun to be used more widely to inform a variety of care packages and therapeutic interventions. Understanding the Impact of Trauma takes the FAIT as a starting point, exploring the concept of ‘emotional disability’ that can follow a traumatic event and the usefulness of applying models like the FAIT more broadly to anyone who has experienced trauma. It will introduce some of the key theories that have informed our understanding of the emotional development of people with intellectual disabilities, followed by a series of case studies focusing on different individuals and how their emotional development informed their therapeutic interventions, including people with intellectual disabilities, people with mental health issues, people living with dementia and autistic people.



Clinical psychologists; learning disability specialist clinicians, front-line care staff, nurses and allied health professionals; students of these disciplines; professional and family caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities; care provider organisations.


Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781803882871

Publication Date: December 2023

Page count: 148



Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: History
Chapter 3: Understanding an individual’s
emotional disability
Chapter 4: What the FAIT is and how to use it
Chapters 5 – 20: Individual case studies
Chapter 21: Emotionally unstable ‘Personality Disorder’
Chapter 22: Prevention
Chapter 23: Wider implications for people
without intellectual disabilities
Chapter 24 Why aren’t we all traumatised?
Chapter 25: Further research
Chapter 26: Summary



Pat Frankish is a Clinical Psychologist with many years of experience in the field of trauma, disability and psychotherapy. Her early life was spent living on the grounds of a long-stay hospital where her parents worked, where she later worked too before training as a clinical psychologist and study psychodynamic psychotherapy. Pat provides expert psychological services as well as direct support for very distressed individuals in supported living environments. She is a past President of the British Psychological Society and continues to speak publicly and provide training for staff working at all levels of security and community provisions.


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