Jude Sellen-Cole

Youth Self-harm and Suicide Awareness

Training pack

A reflective practice training pack

Youth Self-harm and Suicide Awareness is a reflective training pack exploring self-harm and suicide prevention for professionals working with young people.



Research shows that while staff find training courses that provide facts and figures about self-harm and suicide useful, such training does little to build their confidence when working with young people. In addition to exploring key facts and research, Youth Self-harm and Suicide Awareness seeks to recognise the importance of acknowledging attitudes and encourages workers to understand how their attitudinal stance impacts their work with young people who self-harm or feel suicidal.

The core training comprises two full-day modules: module one introduces self-harm in young people and module two expands on this learning by examining more closely working with young people who self-harm. Both modules are underpinned by a framework of reflective practice and a basic application of theories from transactional analysis.

Youth Self-harm and Suicide Awareness also includes three optional youth suicide prevention workshops, which can be run together as a full day’s training. The purpose of the workshops is to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding about youth suicide and to look at developing local youth suicide prevention guidelines and support within local areas and organisations.






Trainers, education professionals, health care professionals, social care staff, youth justice staff, therapists and counsellors, anyone working with children and young people.


SBN: 9781908993281
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 20 March 2013
Module 1: An introduction to self-harm and young people – Module 2: Working with young people who self-harm – Three workshops on suicide prevention


Jude Sellen has worked in the health and social care field since 1982 where she has primarily focused on meeting the mental health needs of children, young people and their carers. Jude is an accredited social worker and a trainee Transactional Analysis psychotherapist.

Since 2002 Jude has worked as an independent young people’s mental health adviser and trainer. She currently runs one and two-day bespoke mental health training courses for frontline staff across the UK. Jude has been involved in supporting the development of local self-harm protocols and youth suicide prevention strategies in various regions. She has extensive experience in strategic commissioning and acts as a consultant to local areas to support multi-agency child and adolescent mental health services commissioning arrangements.


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